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Christmas 2012

By ohomen171   2012 Dec 24, 9:19pm   378 views   1 comment   watch (0)   quote      

My dear friends it's Christmas morning. I'm up early.When we were children, Christmas eve was spent at home with our mother and father. We would get to open one present each. We would eat fancy European cheeses, sausages, and crackers. I would have a little shot of bourbon with mom and dad. My sister and I would then go to bed and get up around 3:00 AM to open the rest of the presents. Dad would take us out during the day while mom cooked the traditional turkey dinner. OK now we have a South American Christmas with la Noche Buena. We eat around midnight and open gifts. Copernicus got a big leather dog bone. I got a new electric razor. Elena got a beautiful leather suitcase, a Dyson heater, and a new television that will be delivered tomorrow. Elena loves You Tube and Netflix. The new television will connect right to the internet and she can watch all the things that she loves. This has been a year of great achievements but also sad and hard times including the loss of Cassi. Elena will sleep late and rest today.

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1   elliemae     2012 Dec 25, 5:49am  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

Ellie recorded a bunch of teevee she just didn't get to - and couldn't sleep last night.

I'm depressed to announch that 16 out of 20 shows were "reality" teevee. To my credit, none of them were kardasssian related, competitions, or had the word "war" in them. But wtf? what happened to entertainment?

so I watched "A Christmas Story" twice last night, erased the recorded stuff. Merry Christmas to ya'll.

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