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How a Brutal Strain of American Aristocrats Have Come to Rule America

By Patrick   2013 Jan 18, 10:19am   3,742 views   21 comments   watch (0)   quote

It's been said that the rich are different than you and me. What most Americans don't know is that they're also quite different from each other, and that which faction is currently running the show ultimately makes a vast difference in the kind of country we are. Right now, a lot of our problems stem directly from the fact that the wrong sort has finally gotten the upper hand; a particularly brutal and anti-democratic strain of American aristocrat that the other elites have mostly managed to keep away from the levers of power since the Revolution. Worse: this bunch has...


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1   mell   63/63 = 100% civil   2013 Jan 18, 10:54am  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

I cannot take this article seriously because

1) Whatever the backlashes with regards to religious puritanism are, the train to make all people equal (except for the monetary class-divider) has long left the station and is unstoppable. Women's and minority rights have advanced so far that any regression can only be miniscule.

2) Anytime somebody paints the original tea-partiers as racist and anti-freedom they show their utter ignorance. They were born from libertarianism which values personal liberty as the highest good and opposes any privacy intrusion and unconstitutional (para)military action. Sure there were a few feeble-minded and racist ones as in every group, but nothing out of the ordinary. Later they were hijacked by the neo-conservatives and their representatives sold out one by one (money corrupts at times).

2   mell   63/63 = 100% civil   2013 Jan 18, 11:06am  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

I would like to clarify with regards to 1) that some people are above the law and the rule of law has been in peril for a while, but that has nothing to with religious puritanism or southern vs northern values, but with the bankstas.

3   APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch     2013 Jan 18, 12:07pm  ↑ like (3)   ↓ dislike   quote    

This will all even out when cannibal anarchy arrives and these fuckers are having their eyes ripped out and being skull fucked to death. They'll learn all about a brutal strain.

4   thomaswong.1986     2013 Jan 18, 12:09pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

How a Brutal Strain of American Aristocrats Have Come to Rule America

this is your brain on drugs.. any questions!

5   HEY YOU   616/616 = 100% civil   2013 Jan 18, 12:15pm  ↑ like (2)   ↓ dislike   quote    

How did Aristocrats do in The French Revolution? I heard a rumor that the 99% solved the problem.

6   turtledove     2013 Jan 18, 12:43pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

This new "takeover" has come from the southern values? Well, lets think about that for a minute...

George Washington of Virginia

Thomas Jefferson of Virginia

James Madison of Virginia

James Monroe of Virginia

Andrew Jackson, born in either North Carolina or South Carolina, identified with Tennessee

John Tyler of Virginia

James Knox Polk, born in North Carolina, identified with Tennessee

Zachary Taylor of Virginia

Andrew Johnson, born in North Carolina, identified with Tennessee

Lyndon Baines Johnson of Texas

Jimmy Carter of Georgia

Bill Clinton of Arkansas

Woodrow Wilson, born in Virginia, also identified with New Jersey

George W. Bush, born in Connecticut, identified with Texas

William Henry Harrison, born in Virginia, identified with Ohio

Abraham Lincoln, born in Kentucky, identified with Illinois

Dwight D. Eisenhower, born in Texas, identified with Kansas

George H. W. Bush Born in Massachusetts, identified with Texas

7   thomaswong.1986     2013 Jan 18, 1:23pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike (1)   quote    

The liberal tree fuckers hero.. good ol Al Gore.. thanks to his liberal audience and friends is now part of the Aristocracy.. fuck he is even far more wealthy than Mitt Romney...

Because you Pnet Liberals made him rich..
do you feel just a little more poor because of it ?

Al Gore is now richer than Mitt Romney – and it’s all thanks to big oil

By contrast, Mr Gore has made a vast wad of cash by setting up a boring TV channel, letting it fail and then selling it to a foreign concern. Not quite outsourcing, but fans of the movie The Campaign might know it as insourcing. And the indirect source of his wealth is something that he’s spent the last ten years attacking: big oil. It’s not the first time that he’s profited from something he professes to hate. Breitbart reports that back in 1995, he helped secure oil drilling rights for Occidental Petroleum in central California – destroying 100 burial grounds and holy places of the local Native American tribe. “What Gore didn’t tell people was that he owned stock in Occidental; before the sale of the land his stock was worth between $250,000 – $500,000, afterward it was worth between $500,000 and $1 million.”

8   pdh     2013 Jan 18, 2:05pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Was there a point to all that?

9   Ceffer   544/544 = 100% civil   2013 Jan 18, 2:26pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

So, the ghosts of Southern aristocracy are now the cynosure of American evil?

Gum cracking, tobacco chewing, gun kissing, bullwhip lashing psychopaths, lusting for the days when they can be czars again and rape the peasantry and ethnically disadvantaged while practicing some kind of cabalistic antiquated psuedo British class system from the middle ages!

Well, they make a nice pecan pie, anyway.

10   marcus   685/689 = 99% civil   2013 Jan 18, 2:40pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike (1)   quote    

Very interesting. I haven't finished it yet and will, but I think the thesis, while there is something to it, overly emphasizes the southern influence.

I think there are two elites, and the notheastern type, who went to Ivy league schools etc, is more likely to be of a communitarian mindset, and so on.

Whereas there are the other elites, who feel that inequality is the way it is, or possibly Gods law, or in some cases they are just selfish in the more negative sense, not believing in bettering their community and the country, or even in some cases giving up on the country because of propaganda or racist reasons.

The latter less enlightened wealthy elites are in control now, and as a thesis that is interesting.

But he (and the other authors he cites), lose me a little when they attribute this totally and exclusively to what they trace back as coming from the deep southern elitist culture. Not that it isn't a factor, or that there isn't some truth to it. But it's overly simplified, and false to a degree.

This is unfortunate, because the more general thesis about two different types of wealthy elites, and the wrong type being in control now, is an interesting one.

11   Robber Baron Elite Scum     2013 Jan 18, 2:58pm  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    


You dumb sap indentured slaves....

Who cares how I... the banking aristocracy have come to rule America.

The real question is how will you peasants fight back and resist the biggest financial ass rape in history.

I doubt any of disgusting cockroaches will do anything besides whine about how much a bunch of a fucking scum we are...

It's not like any of you serfs will ever have the audacity to pick up a glock and start opening fire on us.

And even if you did....

I am driven in a bomb-proof bullet-proof Mercedes S-Guard & a $8 million dollar bomb-proof bullet-proof Rolls Royce Phantom...

Here's a video to get an idea of the level of security and carefree attitude I have with you worthless servants.

Cannibal Anarchy is a joke to me and my wealthy scumfuck buddies.

12   curious2   575/575 = 100% civil   2013 Jan 18, 4:21pm  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

"It's not an overstatement to say that we're now living in Plantation America."

Really? I guess the old descriptions will need to be revised a bit.

13   JodyChunder     2013 Jan 18, 5:56pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

curious2 says

"It's not an overstatement to say that we're now living in Plantation America."

Really? I guess the old descriptions will need to be revised a bit.

"Jump down, turn around, make a twat a latte."

14   Peter P   78/78 = 100% civil   2013 Jan 19, 2:52am  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

HEY YOU says

How did Aristocrats do in The French Revolution? I heard a rumor that the 99% solved the problem.


15   Peter P   78/78 = 100% civil   2013 Jan 19, 2:55am  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

Aristocratic values are the true drivers of human civilization. It is not the same as elitism and blind hedonism.

Think Renaissance.

When aristocratic values are abandoned then we will see a decline in society.

16   David Losh     2013 Jan 19, 6:04am  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Does the article mention how a Kennebunkport Maine liberal like Kennedy was shot, and killed in Texas?

No? Well, then what's the point?

17   HEY YOU   616/616 = 100% civil   2013 Jan 19, 12:20pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Peter P says

HEY YOU says

How did Aristocrats do in The French Revolution? I heard a rumor that the 99% solved the problem.


"On the contrary, it helped bring on the Terror and set French progress back a generation."

One might think that if the Aristocracy is allowed to continue we might end up the same way. It might not be about monetary collapse in the future. It could be about a people being fed up with a system & being angry & willing to take any action to change a system that they think is unfair. I guess I could do some research & try to find out if all the French Aristocrats survived "Madame Guillotine"

18   JodyChunder     2013 Jan 19, 12:28pm  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

David Losh says

shot, and killed in Texas?

Goddamn - don't blame it on Texas. It could have just as easily've happened in Tallahassee.

19   New Renter     2013 Jan 19, 1:58pm  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

Peter P says

HEY YOU says

How did Aristocrats do in The French Revolution? I heard a rumor that the 99% solved the problem.


So you believe if the French peasantry had just bent over and continued to take it in the shorts everything would have worked out just fine?

20   Vicente     2013 Jan 19, 2:12pm  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

Original Teabaggers are Libertarians?

Remind me which one of them opposed Afghan or Iraq War?

Oh right, they didn't even utter a peep during that mess.

Actual Libertarians, seem to be against a large standing military and invading foreign countries.

Libertarians side with the Palestinians as being due their land. Teabaggers on the other hand not at all.

The Losers who started the Tea Party, were not Libertarians in any sense of the word. They may have been Libertarians in the sense that Chief Douchebag Santelli uses, "you know I'm kinda libertarian...". Meaning they are only libertarian in that they subscribe to the Cato nonsense and are anti-tax wingnuts who think that the FIRE gods should run the show and everyone else should sit down and shut up.

21   TwoScoopsMcGee   1243/1243 = 100% civil   2013 Jan 21, 12:36am  ↑ like   ↓ dislike (1)   quote    

"There were two 'Reigns of Terror', if we could but remember and consider it; the one wrought murder in hot passions, the other in heartless cold blood; the one lasted mere months, the other had lasted a thousand years; the one inflicted death upon a thousand persons, the other upon a hundred million; but our shudders are all for the "horrors of the... momentary Terror, so to speak; whereas, what is the horror of swift death by the axe compared with lifelong death from hunger, cold, insult, cruelty and heartbreak? A city cemetery could contain the coffins filled by that brief terror that we have all been so diligently taught to shiver at and mourn over; but all France could hardly contain the coffins filled by that older and real Terror - that unspeakable bitter and awful Terror which none of us has been taught to see in its vastness or pity as it deserves."
Mark Twain, writing about the French Revolution,
in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

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