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More Fun on the Scammer Homefront

By elliemae   2013 Jan 27, 7:46am   946 views   3 comments   watch (0)   quote      

We've got this good ol'boy from Southern Utah who started a company called iworks that scammed many people out of their hard earned money by slamming them with extra monthly charges. Iworks made it damn hard to opt out of the program, and even created a site called "" that threatened to put people on a list if they charged back on the credit cards. They charged people $100 first time and $1,000 second time that they contacted their credit card company to stop the unwanted charges. Iworks opened a shitload of shell companies (51 to be exact) when Visa & MasterCard cut them off.

This was followed by the requisite fleeing the country, getting caught and having all his stuff sold off and accounts frozen. His family & friends continue to live in oppulence while his victims haven't received back the scammed $$$ (and probably never will).

In Utah, this is even more of a scandal if you represent yourself to be a good Mormon while you do it. And when he admitted that he spent several million dollars gambling in Vegas, he lost whichever part of the popularity contest he had won. He's not even a runner-up for Miss Congeniality for all the stuff he did to advance his image through donations and charitable work.

He was in the midst of negotiating his jail term (he's facing 20 years in jail) when he backed out, saying that he wanted his family and friends protected from prosecution. Then he dropped a bombshell - he wanted the Utah Attorney General John Swallow protected as well because Jeremy says that he had arranged with Swallow to help arrange a bribe for Harry Reid to drop the investigation.

Yes - a guy who's about to go to jail for being a scammer is freely admitting that he's also guilty of attempting to bribe public officials, and is presenting proof of it. Things don't look so good for Swallow right now.

Today's article discusses that the money trail can be directly traced to Harry Reid's best friend and business associate. Reid continues to deny he's even heard about Jeremy's problems, but this is getting kind of fun.

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1   elliemae     2013 Jan 27, 7:49am  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

I should mention that told people that they had been placed on the list of bad customers, and that companies wouldn't do business with them unless they paid up. This is completely untrue and is really sleezy business.

2   curious2   597/597 = 100% civil   2013 Jan 27, 8:52am  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

elliemae says told people that they had been placed on the list of bad customers, and that companies wouldn't do business with them unless they paid up. This is completely untrue

I wish I could find a scammer's list of "bad customers" and try to get on it. I do what I can, for example when the recording of "Heather from Account Services" phones, I always press the number to talk with her personally, then waste as much of their time as possible, asking them to hold while I look for paperwork etc. It doesn't seem to be enough though: Heather and her colleagues keep calling me about utility bills, credit card offers, etc.

Sometimes I don't get to the phone in time so Heather leaves a message. That's a nuisance when I'm away and have to pay to retrieve messages. Maybe I should change my voicemail to require people to press 1 so they can leave a message.

3   elliemae     2013 Jan 27, 12:13pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Unfortunately, it was a scam that scared uneducated and/or the uninformed into paying for a service that only existed in their little peabrains.

It's illegal for companies to refuse to serve someone based on their inclusion on such a list if they present a valid credit card.

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