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Heart Attack grill "spokesperson" dies from heart attack.

By lostand confused   2013 Feb 12, 1:09pm   522 views   3 comments   watch (1)   quote

Heart Attack Grill features giant burgers served by waitresses dressed as nurses. A patron has reportedly died from a heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill, about one year after another person was reported having a heart attack at the eatery.

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1   PockyClipsNow   60/60 = 100% civil   2013 Feb 12, 1:36pm  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

Dude this beats Dr. Kevorkian's methods by a LOT.

2   Ceffer   562/562 = 100% civil   2013 Feb 12, 3:36pm  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

Just throw them in the meat grinder and recycle them, that would be the conscientious thing to do.

3   zzyzzx   571/571 = 100% civil   2013 Feb 13, 3:18am  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

I'm also wonder if their food labeling potentially shields them from lawsuit abuse.

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