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The difference between a Muslim and a Sikh, also fuck Texas
by iwog   23 comments, latest 9 minutes ago
SF Bay Area hate-crime victim still sees attackers as ‘brothers’ How could Maan Singh Khalsa call the two white men who viciously attacked him on Sept. 25 “brothers” while...
Trump seeks to sell off half of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
by BayAreaObserver in #Economics   19 comments, latest 11 minutes ago
The White House plan to trim the national debt includes selling off half of the nation’s emergency oil stockpile, part of a broad series of changes proposed by President Donald...
Hannity Backs Off Seth Rich Story, But Is Still A Complete D-Bag
by Rew   4 comments, latest 13 minutes ago
By DAVID BAUDER Today RELATED TOPICS Entertainment Media North America Sean Hannity TV More from AP Top News Entertainment Media North America Sean Hannity TV AP Top News Hannity...
Trump (#RetardedPOTUS) submits budget that hurts his low-information, low-income/ low-IQ supporters the most
by AllTruth in #FullRetard   6 comments, latest 23 minutes ago
Trump Budget With $3.6 Trillion in Cuts Hurts Supporters Hardest "May 23, 2017 2:07 PM EDT President Donald Trump’s first full budget would dramatically reduce the U.S. government’s role...
How to make ice cream, also fuck Texas
by Dan8267 in #cooking   1 comment, latest 33 minutes ago
#RetardedPOTUS Tells Philippine Dictator Duterte that He's Doing "Amazing Job" Executing Alleged Drug Dealers AND Users Without Any Arrest/Trial/Due Process - American Values
by freespeechforever in #AmericanValues   6 comments, latest 44 minutes ago
""You are a good man," Trump told Duterte, according to a copy of the transcript published by The Intercept. Trump told the Philippine leader that he was doing an “unbelievable...
6 Types of Retirement Plans You Should Know, Also Fuck Texas
by Dan8267 in #finance   Posted 45 minutes ago
An overview of the essential types of retirement plans. #finance...
The physics of drone flight, also fuck Texas
by Dan8267 in #scitech   Posted 47 minutes ago
Cute West Highland Terrier Puppies, Also Fuck Texas
by Dan8267 in #cute   Posted 52 minutes ago
CIA Experimentation and Torture Proves USA is Just Another Fascist Regime
by NuttBoxer   1 comment, latest 54 minutes ago
I remember some years ago reading some equally chilling accounts from a write for a Washington newspaper who did a series on black-ops torture, and how misguided government intel accounted...
Logan, Care to Comment?
by PaisleyPattern   9 comments, latest 1 hour ago
Charles Hugh Smith on current state of economy:...
When will Trump strike N. Korea?
by HEY YOU   20 comments, latest 1 hour ago
Reuters The US is preparing to attack North Korea, according to Geopolitical Futures founder George Friedman setting the stage for a difficult, messy war with potentially catastrophic consequences. Speaking...
Fake Homeless Woman Exposed
by Dan8267   3 comments, latest 2 hours ago
Some people are just scum.
Brennans Explosive testimony explains Trump campaign and Russians
by Tim Aurora   29 comments, latest 2 hours ago
In his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee hearing Tuesday morning, former CIA director John Brennan bluntly told lawmakers that during the 2016 election, he reviewed intelligence that showed...
Cost of universal health care in CA bigger than state budget
by lostand confused   54 comments, latest 2 hours ago
The price tag is in: It would cost $400 billion to remake California’s health insurance marketplace and create a publicly funded universal heath care system, according to a state...
Trumps Budget Cuts Deeply Into Medicaid and Anti-Poverty Efforts
by Dan8267 in #politics   Posted 2 hours ago
Basically, it's the Paul Ryan budget. It calls for an increase in military spending of 10 percent and spending more than $2.6 billion for border security — including $1.6...
Russians murdered Seth to pin it on Clintons
by Tim Aurora   12 comments, latest 2 hours ago
Republican lobbyist and lawyer Jack Burkaman volunteered to take on the unsolved murder case of Jewish Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, he believed there was no political dimension...
Assholes broke the Northern Hemisphere's AC.
by HEY YOU   5 comments, latest 3 hours ago
Arctic sea ice in March 2017 was the lowest it has ever been for the month of March since satellites began recording sea ice extent 38 years ago. NASA...
Funny cat pictures thread
by zzyzzx   77 comments, latest 4 hours ago
The Most Important Squirrel Relationship
by tovarichpeter   Posted 4 hours ago
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