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What you can do about Islamic terrorism
by Patrick   91 comments, latest 3 minutes ago
Most importantly, tell the truth no matter how much they shout "Islamophobia!" The media and most of our so-called "leaders" still refuse to tell the truth that Islamic terrorism is...
Islam - will you ever have a truthful perspective ?
by marcus   9 comments, latest 14 minutes ago
A lot of rubbish talk about Islam today. Some of it partly true, but all coming from a frame of justifying hate and a very weakly conceived notion of what...
Nom noms
by Zee   6 comments, latest 20 minutes ago
Which sounds better: Pan seared steak marinated with cognac with bacon wrapped scallops and a side of batter dipped fried zucchini One pot Greek chicken, lemon rice and roasted asparagus...
California gasoline prices again top $3
by tvgnus   Posted 36 minutes ago
The Montana special election just got interesting
by joeyjojojunior   13 comments, latest 41 minutes ago
Carrie Wong and Sam LevinWednesday 24 May 2017 21.13EDTFirst published on Wednesday 24 May 2017 20.11EDTThe Republican candidate for Montanas congressional seat slammed a Guardian reporter to the floor...
QOTD (sponsored by freespeechforever): What Bi-Polar Condition Affects Americans Whereby POTUS goes from Clinton, to Bush II, to Obama, then to Trump?
by freespeechforever   1 comment, latest 53 minutes ago
Please explain this incredibly wild and volatile swinging of the pendulum from POTUS election to POTUS election. Bonus points for related discussion on "wave" Congressional elections that seem to GO...
What Memorial Day is and isn't
by BayAreaObserver in #MemorialDay   4 comments, latest 56 minutes ago
On this Memorial Day weekend, perhaps we should think about what Memorial Day is, and what it isn’t. It is not, or should not be, just another day off from...
Thought of the day: Donald Trump is doing fucked up things so fast and so frequently that no one can concentrate on any single one
by iwog   6 comments, latest 1 hour ago
Worst president ever, by far.
Trump has had enough, will stop German cars from being imported into the United States thank god
by iwog   10 comments, latest 1 hour ago
You lunatics had enough yet?
Your school system today is your economy tomorrow - Only one in 10 American teenagers earned a top ranking for financial literacy
by BayAreaObserver in #FinancialLiteracy   Posted 1 hour ago
With an increasingly complex universe of financial products and services, how are America's high-school students prepared to manage their money as they enter adulthood? Not all that well, according to...
Colleges still creating the SJW beast
by CBOEtrader   Posted 1 hour ago
Lol. " “The students, fearful for their lives, began retreating towards the library and ultimately ended up in the Trans & Queer Center/Unity Lounge, trying to stay safe,” Mr....
Study Finds Not Acting Like A Total Fucking Moron Most Attractive Quality In Potential Mate
by BayAreaObserver in #RedPill   Posted 1 hour ago
Saying that no characteristic was a better predictor of success in relationships, a new study released by Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Psychology on Thursday concluded that not acting like...
The Prosperity Gospel explained.
by BayAreaObserver in #Religion   Posted 2 hours ago
Though you undoubtedly follow The Babylon Bee‘s unparalleled coverage of the “prosperity gospel” (sometimes called the “health and wealth gospel,” “gospel of success,” “Word of Faith movement,” “name it and...
Is this a fine upstanding Trump voter dispensing with PC or just a deplorable?
by YesYNot   Posted 2 hours ago
World's Heaviest Weight
by Dan8267 in #scitech   1 comment, latest 2 hours ago
Excluding piggy's wife. #scitech
" Then he shared some military secrets with a foreign leader.."
by HEY YOU   1 comment, latest 2 hours ago
We knew in the campaign that he had a big mouth when he was caught on tape bragging about assaulting women and getting away with it, but very few...
Zuckerberg defends immigrants from Trump
by tovarichpeter   16 comments, latest 4 hours ago
You are about to activate our Facebook Messenger news bot. Once subscribed, the bot will send you a digest of trending stories once a day. You can also customize...
You will pay for what you are doing to this planet.
by HEY YOU   1 comment, latest 5 hours ago
Sorry! No place to hid....
Evil Anglo Burrito Thieves Shut Down by PC Police
by Herb   26 comments, latest 6 hours ago
I guess this means that whites can only have restaurants serving European cuisiine (specifically, only that of the homeland of the owners' ancestory). You have to be certified as...
How Triggered Does Someone Have to Be to Keep Deriding a User Who is No Longer on The Forum
by NuttBoxer   6 comments, latest 7 hours ago
Well.. Dan... If Ironman was still around, he'd be pleased as punch to see you STILL trying to shadow box his departed user. Hail to the troll!...
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