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What you can do about Islamic terrorism
by Patrick   122 comments, latest 7 minutes ago
The most important thing is to tell the truth no matter how much they shout "Islamophobia!" The media and most of our so-called "leaders" still refuse to tell the truth...
Manchester Attacked
by TwoScoopsMcGee   362 comments, latest 12 minutes ago
Explosion at concert: All Neoliberals and SJWs: ...
Professor Who Opposed Evergreen State U Ejection of Whites Threatened
by Herb   3 comments, latest 14 minutes ago
“I have been told by the Chief of Police it’s not safe for me to be on campus,” said [Evergreen State College professor Bret] Weinstein, who held his Thursday...
Trump has had enough, will stop German cars from being imported into the United States thank god
by iwog   33 comments, latest 19 minutes ago
You lunatics had enough yet?
Former Navy Seal To Katy Perry: 'Go To Hell... Hold One Of Your Concerts In Syria And See How It Goes'
by jvolstad   1 comment, latest 26 minutes ago
A New GOP Bill Would Make It Virtually Impossible to Sue the Police
by BayAreaObserver in #PoliceState   2 comments, latest 29 minutes ago
Keeping with the Trump administration’s law-and-order rhetoric, Republicans in the House and Senate recently introduced a bill they’re calling the Back the Blue Act of 2017. The Senate bill was...
What should a traffic ticket cost
by tovarichpeter   7 comments, latest 33 minutes ago
Los Angeles Times A Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy aims his laser at a speeding motorist in La Mirada on June 27 2012. A Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy aims his...
Court rules Mother of Transgender Teen has no rights to stop "Medical Procedure"
by TwoScoopsMcGee   3 comments, latest 37 minutes ago
Wasn't even told....
Thank God for Trump
by Tim Aurora   17 comments, latest 44 minutes ago
Well, I write this as a Trump hater, so why am I glad. There was/is discontent with Globalist in the heartland and those people hold a Electoral edge ( small...
Saudi Arabia exposed as murderous dictatorship
by tovarichpeter   11 comments, latest 48 minutes ago
Documentary Exposes the Horror of Life in Saudi ArabiaVideoA woman beheaded in the road. Five headless corpses hanging from cranes.What the film makes abundantly clear is that the country...
Professor Antifa Arrested for 3 counts of Assault
by TwoScoopsMcGee   13 comments, latest 49 minutes ago
Eric Clanton, a former teacher at Diablo Valley College, was arrested by Berkeley police on Wednesday on suspicion of three counts of assault with a deadly weapon identified as a...
How Triggered Does Someone Have to Be to Keep Deriding a User Who is No Longer on The Forum
by NuttBoxer   15 comments, latest 51 minutes ago
Well.. Dan... If Ironman was still around, he'd be pleased as punch to see you STILL trying to shadow box his departed user. Hail to the troll!...
Islam - will you ever have a truthful perspective ?
by marcus   31 comments, latest 1 hour ago
A lot of rubbish talk about Islam today. Some of it partly true, but all coming from a frame of justifying hate and a very weakly conceived notion of what...
Evidence based Medical Research is "MicroFascism" "A regime of Power"
by TwoScoopsMcGee   3 comments, latest 1 hour ago
Trumps foreign visit report
by Tenpoundbass   Posted 2 hours ago
How Britain subsidized the Bomber and his Family
by TwoScoopsMcGee   Posted 2 hours ago
Refugees are so important to the economy! Abedi’s finances are a major ‘theme’ of the police inquiry amid growing alarm over the ease with which jihadists are able to manipulate...
Music: What are you listening to this evening?
by jvolstad   151 comments, latest 2 hours ago
Colleges still creating the SJW beast
by CBOEtrader   43 comments, latest 3 hours ago
Lol. " “The students, fearful for their lives, began retreating towards the library and ultimately ended up in the Trans & Queer Center/Unity Lounge, trying to stay safe,” Mr....
At this rate, Gen X might never get to be president of the United States of America
by Indiana Jones   6 comments, latest 3 hours ago
No wonder our country is so f***ed. We skipped over a Silent Generation president and now possibly Gen X. Having the Boomers and the Millennials lead our country for...
The Prosperity Gospel explained.
by BayAreaObserver in #Religion   3 comments, latest 4 hours ago
Though you undoubtedly follow The Babylon Bee‘s unparalleled coverage of the “prosperity gospel” (sometimes called the “health and wealth gospel,” “gospel of success,” “Word of Faith movement,” “name it and...
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