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Trump's NSA advisor "open to violating Geneva Convention" (
3 months ago by tovarichpeter
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Flynn has defended Trumps proposal to ban all Muslims from immigrating to the U.S. and said he was open to bringing back waterboarding....
TRUMPLIGULA! Rallies Turn Into Pathetic Milling Parades of Handfuls of Toothless Meth Head Grotesques, Alzheimers' Victims on Hoverounds and Unemployed Neo-Nazis (
33 minutes ago by APOCALYPSEFUCK_is_ADORABLE (122/122 = 100% civil)
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An estimated 250 people attended a Denver rally in support of President Donald Trump, who called on "millions" of his voters to "have their own rally....
Require a publicly advertised price for a house to be a legally binding offer to sell at that price (
7 hours ago by Patrick (441/441 = 100% civil) in #housing
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Unethical real estate agents (but I repeat myself, lol) in California normally ask prices for properties lower than the buyer would refuse to ever accept. Why would they do this?...
The Great Bill Paxton Dies
1 hour ago by Dan8267 (333/336 = 99% civil) in #sad
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He was awesome. Game over indeed. #sad
Defend Islam
1 day ago by PeopleUnited (14/14 = 100% civil)
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I would be interested in arguments for the merits of Islam and/or why any non-Moslem would consider it a good thing if more Moslems lived in their town or neighborhood.
Quitting is hard to do
6 hours ago by Tenpoundbass (151/151 = 100% civil)
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Jon Stewart has still got it
3 hours ago by marcus (108/109 = 99% civil)
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Worried that the mainstream media's breakup with President Trump has reporters feeling blue, Jon Stewart stops by with relationship advice.
Housing Bubble 2.0 - Global This Time (
1 day ago by just any guy (48/48 = 100% civil) in #housing
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I thought this was an interesting perspective on global housing. With all of the signs that our economy is only alive because of cheap money, is it only down from...
Publicly fund all congressional and presidential campaigns (
6 hours ago by Patrick (441/441 = 100% civil) in #politics
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Instead of having short, publicly-funded political campaigns with limited and/or free advertising (as a number of Western European countries do), the US has long political campaigns in which candidates...
Why Are So Many Hedge Funds Bullish On Underperforming Oil? (
12 hours ago by Straw Man (17/17 = 100% civil) in #investing
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In a recent edition of his widely-followed newsletter (The Gartman Letter, 7 February 2017), commodities king Dennis Gartman observed that, As of mid-week last week, the hedge fund community...
11 hours ago by Tenpoundbass (151/151 = 100% civil)
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The best picture goes to La La Land.... no wait what? Jimmy Kimmel breaks the academy awards
1 day ago by PeopleUnited (14/14 = 100% civil)
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Jimmy Kimmel sucks, discuss.
I Fired My OB/GYN Because She Supported Donald Trump (
10 hours ago by jvolstad (27/27 = 100% civil)
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Liberals are so freaking weird....
Cultivation of Resentment is the Essence of both Feminism and Islam
1 day ago by Patrick (441/441 = 100% civil) in #politics
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What Feminism and Islam have in common is a long term systematic cultivation of resentment against the masses of non-Muslim men who have personally done them no wrong whatsoever. This...
Fun report of Trump's dinner (
4 hours ago by Patrick (441/441 = 100% civil)
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The animosity between the press and President Trump has reached a fever pitch in recent days. Much of the grudge match stems from access, or lack thereof, between the...
Union warns offshoring of UC tech jobs could spread to all campuses (
7 hours ago by tvgnus
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Tuesday at UC san Francisco •  Ordered to train lower-paid replacement of lose severance •  UPDATED with university statement Youre fired. Oh. One thing. Before you go, train your...
Tesla - TSLA
6 years ago by E-man in #energy
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I want to get some thoughts on this electric car company. It looks like they are not going to make money anytime soon. However, this stock can be a great...
Another reason to revoke religious privilege and ban religions (
4 days ago by Dan8267 (333/336 = 99% civil) in #politics
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After refusing to watch LGBT diversity video, Social Security judge sues to avoid being fired Again, how is religion in general and Christianity in particular not harmful to our society?...
Thunderome Someone wrote a Chrome extension that changes "white" to "black" on Huffpo, Salon, and Buzzfeed
17 hours ago by zzyzzx (99/99 = 100% civil) in #politics
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#politics #humor #bias
30% of Housing Transactions - Potential Money Laundering (
2 days ago by just any guy (48/48 = 100% civil) in #housing
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30%?!? What will happen to the high end housing market if the gov't really cracks down on this? The US housing market has been a perfect platform to launder...
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