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Press continues to destroy its own credibility with euphemisms for ILLEGAL immigrants (
2 days ago by Patrick (195/195 = 100% civil) in #criminal
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Just two days ago, I went on a rip about TIME Magazine‘s blatant shilling for illegal immigrants in a cover story that featured a multi-ethnic group of illegals led...
The term "fake news" was cooked up so you have an excuse to ignore criminality (
1 day ago by iwog (92/92 = 100% civil) in #poltics
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How many Trump supporters here will support prosecution for treason if it can be proven that the Trump administration colluded with Russian intelligence to throw the election? 1. The fact...
Born to hate Jews, amazing testimony of a Muslim (
16 hours ago by Patrick (195/195 = 100% civil) in #religion
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Popular conservative/libertarian channel Prager U is once again being censored by Google and YouTube for a video deemed too hateful. The video is titled Born to Hate Jews, and...
North Korea least-popular country among Americans (
1 hour ago by tvgnus
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Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq also at the bottom of the list •  Canada is most popular More than nine out of ten (92 percent) of Americans say Canada... Platform
2 days ago by Patrick (195/195 = 100% civil) in #politics
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I'm trying to come up with a list of very simple clear campaigns to make or change laws. Here's my initial group: invert the maximum tax rates on income...
Denmark Passes Declaration Prohibiting Muslim-Majority Neighborhoods (
19 hours ago by zzyzzx (40/40 = 100% civil) in #denmark
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The widespread concern of Denmark over immigration has made Danish lawmakers to introduce a number of laws that aims to keep the influx of refugees under control. A new...
"Every Dark Cloud Has A Silver Lining"
1 hour ago by ohomen171
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There is an old saying: "Every dark cloud has a silver lining." Yesterday the electric power went out just at lunch time. Elena and I had been planning to go...
Pretty good interview of Milo by Bill Maher
12 hours ago by Patrick (195/195 = 100% civil) in #politics
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The weakest point is right at the end where Bill accuses Trump of somehow inhibiting free speech but does not give Milo any chance to reply. #politics
Rin: Ok, it looks like Patrick periodically unblocks the trolls
1 week ago by Rin (7/7 = 100% civil)
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So if you show up again on my lifestyle posts, and I need to re-block you, here's my preemptive message ... Go Fuck Yourself! I can't make myself clearer.
Tired of politics - sexy picture thread
7 months ago by YesYNot (31/32 = 96% civil) in #cheesecake
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Post whatever image you want - just make it hot. It can be a man, woman, your own family members, or the slightly inappropriatly young (now that Trump has rid...
Briebart now more popular than PornHub (
20 hours ago by zzyzzx (40/40 = 100% civil) in #briebart
↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (1)   4 comments, latest 7 hours ago
Breitbart News 29th Most Trafficked Site in America, Overtakes PornHub and ESPN Breitbart News is now the 29th most trafficked site in the United States, surpassing PornHub and ESPN,...
How much money do you need to retire?
2 days ago by Patrick (195/195 = 100% civil) in #investing
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I'd say that you just need enough so that your investment income exceeds your expenses. But then you could also spend down according to your life expectancy. No point in...
Bad time to be a Russian Diplomat (
8 hours ago by Indiana Jones (2/2 = 100% civil)
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MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's combative ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, died suddenly in New York on Monday after being taken ill at work, the Russian Foreign Ministry...
Coin porn
9 hours ago by iwog (92/92 = 100% civil)
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Theories on Sweden (
3 weeks ago by Patrick (195/195 = 100% civil) in #nationalsuicide
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Unions Kill Another Business - A.C. Casino to Shut Down - 3000 Jobs Gone (
7 months ago by Ironman (126/134 = 94% civil)
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Atlantic City’s main casino workers union has been on strike against the Taj Mahal since July 1. On Thursday, the strike will become the longest in the city’s 38-year casino...
Rebranding as Investing Forum
2 days ago by Patrick (195/195 = 100% civil) in #investing
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I've been thinking about changing the focus a bit, and came up with a bunch of reasons to title the site "Investing Forum" while keeping it otherwise unchanged. More people...
The only way to truly strengthen our economy is to invest in science (
4 days ago by tovarichpeter
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Transableism and its parallels (
21 hours ago by Quigley (13/13 = 100% civil) in #politics
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At what point can we give up and treat trans people for their actual disease rather than catering to it? #politics #medicine #psychology #culture...
Film-Maker Ami Horowitz Beaten in Swedish No-go Zone
16 hours ago by P N Dr Lo R (16/16 = 100% civil)
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Filmmaker Ami Horowitz Beaten in Swedish No-Go Zone: ‘I Can Tell You for a Fact They Exist’ Twitter/@AmiHorowitzTwitter/@A by JOHN HAYWARD On Wednesday, documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz told the story...
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