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Rin is a greater man than let's say ... Anthony Weiner
by Rin   4 comments, latest 1 minute ago
Remember, I haven't dated in six years ... Thus, no sexting nor sex-MPEG4ing or any other audiovisual media. Plus, I don't have a wife and kids. If 70% of...
Manchester Attacked
by TwoScoopsMcGee   207 comments, latest 3 minutes ago
Explosion at concert: All Neoliberals and SJWs: ...
Islamic Attack Reference Thread
by TwoScoopsMcGee in #Rochdale   11 comments, latest 4 minutes ago
Rochdale Sex Attacks Add the Rochdale Sex Attacks to the list of the Wonderful Wave of Diversity and Cultural Enrichment. #Rochdale...
Fox news retracts Seth Rich's Faux news
by Tim Aurora   5 comments, latest 8 minutes ago
A week after publishing a problematic account about the death of former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich — an article that said Rich made contact with WikiLeaks before...
Team Hillary murdered Seth Rich
by CBOEtrader   67 comments, latest 14 minutes ago
"not everyone within the FBI is on board with the "Russian hacking" narrative and are finally starting to come forward. Finally, we find it 'shocking' that while the New...
Funny picture thread
by zzyzzx in #humor   941 comments, latest 58 minutes ago
Brennans Explosive testimony explains Trump campaign and Russians
by Tim Aurora   Posted 1 hour ago
In his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee hearing Tuesday morning, former CIA director John Brennan bluntly told lawmakers that during the 2016 election, he reviewed intelligence that showed...
What are the root causes of Islamic terrorism? Discuss.
by PeopleUnited   561 comments, latest 1 hour ago
Sensible people are discouraged from thinking about the root causes of Islamic terrorism by mainstream media and academia. (AKA SJW's) Osama Bin Laden was a well to do man...
the 'Vanlifers': a generation of young Australians who have been priced out and live in vans
by Heraclitusstudent   17 comments, latest 1 hour ago
Some nice women in those vans......
Can we shitcan these relics?
by Blurtman in #AssistedLivingCongress   9 comments, latest 1 hour ago
They are what is wrong with America. Successfully shitcanned: #AssistedLivingCongress
Cost of universal health care in CA bigger than state budget
by lostand confused   32 comments, latest 1 hour ago
The price tag is in: It would cost $400 billion to remake California’s health insurance marketplace and create a publicly funded universal heath care system, according to a state...
Are There Zoning Laws That Dictate Profession When it Comes to Residential Living?
by NuttBoxer   8 comments, latest 1 hour ago
Saw this post on craigslist, and when I asked about the profession specification, was told it was a zoning thing. Does anyone know the code they are referencing? I thought...
"I'm all right Jack keep your hands off of my stack."- Pink Floyd
by HEY YOU   4 comments, latest 2 hours ago
Jason Hickel Read moreDespite the accumulating evidence of impending crisis, the world community seems incapable of responding effectively. This situation is clearly unsustainable and, if present trends continue, is...
The useful lie is not useful
by Dan8267   1 comment, latest 2 hours ago
Dan8267 says And there is no up side to faith. marcus says Actually we don't know that. That's like saying there is no upside to humanity. Bullshit. The statement "there...
Can citizens vote no to taking the risk?
by Blurtman in #GamblingWithYourLives   Posted 2 hours ago
What right do the pro-refugee immigration crowd have to put others at risk? *************** MANCHESTER, England — A 22-year-old British man whose parents had emigrated from Libya was identified by...
International Access to Patnet Site
by BayArea   10 comments, latest 2 hours ago
@Patrick Just curious, why can I access Patnet over public wifi in Italy and France but not Poland? Communism fell in '89
James Bond is dead!
by zzyzzx in #bondjamesbond   2 comments, latest 2 hours ago
Sir Roger Moore, the suave English actor who is best known for playing James Bond and Simon Templar in The Saint TV series, has died aged 89 in Switzerland....
by Logan Mohtashami in #economics   102 comments, latest 3 hours ago
#economics Just wanted to remind everyone 166,000,000 plus people working 5,740,000 job openings 79 months of job expansion 4 decade lows in unemployment claims 2 years from now the...
Peninsula House Priced Way Below Market
by BayArea   4 comments, latest 3 hours ago
@Patrick Wanna bet the seller wouldn't let it go for asking?...
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