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Mon Jun 04 2018

House buyers who wait a couple of years may be rewarded. (marketwatch.com) comments

Millions of U.S. Homedebtors Still Under Water on Mortgages (bloombergquint.com) comments

The Airbnb Gold Rush Appears To Be Ending (thehousingbubbleblog.com) comments

Is the Bay Area rental market cooling off? (mercurynews.com) comments

Shambling pretty damn far afield from affordability, at this point (piggington.com) comments

The Big One could leave 250,000-400,000 quake refugees in California. Where will they go? (latimes.com) comments

LA tenants increasingly engaging in rent strikes amid housing crisis (sfgate.com) comments

Nearly half Bay Area residents want out (eastbaytimes.com) comments

Here's Where Californians Are Moving To Escape Skyrocketing Prices (zerohedge.com) comments

Silicon Valley is moving to Nevada, Idaho and Texas (eastbaytimes.com) comments

Fri Jun 01 2018

The Government Creates Another Housing Bubble (wsj.com) comments

Prices 'not sustainable,' Realtors' chief economist claims (amp.usatoday.com) comments

U.S. taxpayers need stronger protection from the next housing crash (marketwatch.com) comments

Seattle-area rents for single-family homes stop (tdn.com) comments

Sydney house price falls: more affordable for middle class (news.com.au) comments

Toronto house flipper strangles partner (torontolife.com) comments

The Bay Area housing crisis will get much worse (eastbaytimes.com) comments

Major CA corporate landlord charged with fee gouging (mercurynews.com) comments

The 2018 Public Builder Report Card - See how the industry’s public home builders stack up based on the 2017 data. (builderonline.com) comments

“Rents” are understating the real rate of inflation (phys.org) comments

Wed May 30 2018

San Francisco Says Couple Illegally Turned House Into a Hotel (nbcbayarea.com) comments

Falling housing prices are actually healthy (theglobeandmail.com) comments

Governments and banks love housing bubbles (abc.net.au) comments

Napa house prices fall 6.7% (realtor.com) comments

The YIMBY point of view (twitter.com) comments

Tech doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to building more housing (curbed.com) comments

Realtors warn that if Toronto housing market continues to collapse everyone could one day afford house (thebeaverton.com) comments

NAHB Releases Remodeling by Zip Code Estimates for 2018 (eyeonhousing.org) comments

Getting Rich on Government-Backed Mortgages (bloomberg.com) comments

Housing Peak? Existing House Sales Drop 2.5%, Down Year-Over-Year Second Month (themaven.net) comments

Fri May 25 2018

Real estate fraud 101: Would You Know It if You Saw It? (americanbar.org) comments

Underpricing fraud taken to its logical limit by scammy realtors (realtormag.realtor.org) comments

Mortgage rates have been rising at a pace not seen in almost 50 years (chicagotribune.com) comments

Housing stocks face worst year since the financial crisis (cnbc.com) comments

London's long housing boom is over (theedgemarkets.com) comments

Brisbane Australia market in distress (domain.com.au) comments

New house sales in Toronto hit 20 year low (thestar.com) comments

They ditched a pricey house for one on wheels (latimes.com) comments

30-year-old ordered to vacate parents' home claims they harassed him (yahoo.com) comments

How Californians are dealing with housing shortage. (sfgate.com) comments

Wed May 23 2018

US housing bonds market getting riskier (finance-commerce.com) comments

Why the Fed needs to target housing in determining interest rates (marketwatch.com) comments

Neighborhood amenities determine rents (federalreserve.gov) comments

A seller's advice to buyers (thenewstribune.com) comments

Property tax hikes in Chicago impacting prices (chicago.suntimes.com) comments

National glut of apartments (nreionline.com) comments

Median House Prices: Work vs Gold (thesoundingline.com) comments

Silicon Valley pastor decries hypocrisy of area's rich liberals (theguardian.com) comments

Can CA homeowners end the housing shortage (bloomberg.com) comments

Denver is SF in the mountains (and has Kaiser) (sfgate.com) comments

Mon May 21 2018

Wall Street’s new housing frontier: Single-family rental houses (curbed.com) comments

Billionaires avoid real estate (therealdeal.com) comments

How Blockchain Will Change Investing and Why Real Estate Will Be First (fortune.com) comments

Owning a rental house is not as lucrative as buying stock (azcentral.com) comments

Average house price in Canada fell 11% in past year (cbc.ca) comments

New Fed study on "Home Prices, Housing Wealth and Home Equity Extraction" (newyorkfed.org) comments

How I caused the CA housing shortage (sfgate.com) comments

Housing ATM is Back (But it won't work any better this time) (themaven.net) comments

Long Cardboard Box Homes, Inc. (CBHI) (market-ticker.org) comments

Shared Housing Startups Are Taking Off (news.crunchbase.com) comments

Fri May 18 2018

Is it time to put a price cap on the real estate market? (born2invest.com) comments

California Apartment Landlords Dump Properties Ahead of Rent Control Vote (cetusnews.com) comments

House Prices Across Connecticut Have Failed To Recover Since Peak In 2007 (ctnow.com) comments

American Housing Crisis Might Be Our Next Big Political Issue (citylab.com) comments

Mortgage rates reach seven-year high in a housing market reckoning (marketwatch.com) comments

Builders losing confidence in housing market (builderonline.com) comments

Fed to Resist Adding Capital Demand for Biggest Banks (bloomberg.com) comments

Can 10,000 tiny houses solve Bay Area housing crisis (eastbaytimes.com) comments

Who Killed the Deal to Sell Your House? - It Was an Inside Job (wsj.com) comments

Southern California needs nearly 1 million affordable homes, report says (ocregister.com) comments

Wed May 16 2018

Porn stars face housing discrimination (thedailybeast.com) comments

Blockchain Real Estate and Actual US Land Values (dig3st.com) comments

Vancouver realtors, developers told ‘the end is nigh’ (vancouverisawesome.com) comments

People haven't been this optimistic about house prices since just before the crash (eresearch.fidelity.com) comments

Ultra-Luxury Manhattan Rentals Cooled in April (mansionglobal.com) comments

Southern Nevada Most Overvalued Housing Market (knpr.org) comments

Home Depot's sluggish sales may be warning sign for housing (msn.com) comments

Rising Rates Vs. The Housing Market (npr.org) comments

Why Don’t People Who Can’t Afford Housing Just Move Where It’s Cheaper? (nytimes.com) comments

Do You Make Enough to Afford a Two-Bedroom House? (howmuch.net) comments

Mon May 14 2018

Toronto's real estate board warns Ontario Real Estate Association to STFU about falling prices bc it scares buyers (thespec.com) comments

Stockholm, Vancouver see huge plunges in luxury property prices (businesstimes.com.sg) comments

Australian state raises surcharge on foreign house buyers to 7 percent (xinhuanet.com) comments

Comps are FRAUDULENT, do not rely on them (therealdeal.com) comments

Save money by traveling full time (wandrlymagazine.com) comments

Couple sick of San Francisco rent moves to live aboard a sailboat (sfgate.com) comments

The Relative Price of Housing and Subsequent GDP growth in 17 Developed Countries (angrybearblog.com) comments

Robot bricklayer is faster and cheaper (businessinsider.com) comments

Five real-estate investors sentenced for rigging bids at foreclosure auctions (sfgate.com) comments

Big employers have created big problems for Bay Area (latimes.com) comments

Fri May 11 2018

People haven’t been this optimistic about house prices since just before the crash (marketwatch.com) comments

US house prices finally get back to bubble peak (tampabay.com) comments

Houseownership is dead (salon.com) comments

How basement-loving billionaires are undermining the housing market (msn.com) comments

Housing market boom reported at North Korean border (foxnews.com) comments

Rents keep falling in NYC area (bloomberg.com) comments

Apartment supply spiking in certain markets (multihousingnews.com) comments

Just Say No to more jobs until housing becomes affordable here (eastbaytimes.com) comments

Seattle Times: After 14 years, I've had it. I'm leaving Seattle. (seattletimes.com) comments

The same house costs $500,000 more to build in California than Texas (finance.yahoo.com) comments

Wed May 09 2018

16 cities where it's cheaper to rent than to own (urban.org) comments

The shrinking middle class is having a huge impact on housing (businessinsider.com) comments

The party is over for Vancouver luxury RE market (business.financialpost.com) comments

The State of the American Debt Slaves, Q1 2018 (wolfstreet.com) comments

Why is the Tenderloin still a dump (kqed.org) comments

Things an HOA can’t do to you. (realtor.com) comments

In London the rich live underground (theguardian.com) comments

Is Bay Area replaying thehousing bubble (eastbaytimes.com) comments

Prefab mid rise apts coming to Bay Area (mercurynews.com) comments

Freddie Mac Is Quietly Helping Out the U.S.'s New Mortgage Kings (bloomberg.com) comments

Mon May 07 2018

Choosing renting is not just about high housing prices, but about the flexibility to compete in today’s economy (citylab.com) comments

Both rents and house prices at or near new extremes (angrybearblog.com) comments

Economists say 800,000 people will leave NY and CA over the next three years due to the new tax bill (cnbc.com) comments

America's Housing Crisis Is Spreading To Smaller Cities (yahoo.com) comments

World no longer facing population explosion? (bloomberg.com) comments

Brown says SB287 “was not a bad idea” (latimes.com) comments

Housing shortage now threatens CA economy (latimes.com) comments

Join YIMBY. Membership is free. (yimbyaction.org) comments

STRIPE pledges $1 million to YIMBY (nytimes.com) comments

UC to build housing on People’s Park. (sfchronicle.com) comments

Wed May 02 2018

All of the signs of the top of the last bubble are re-emerging (investmentresearchdynamics.com) comments

To solve affordability crisis, Bay Area housing stock must grow 50 percent in 20 years (sfexaminer.com) comments

Taxpayers are subsidizing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac’s commercial mortgage biz (therealdeal.com) comments

SF landlords illegally converting apts to airb&bs (sfgate.com) comments

NAR Blames Inventory, Weather as Pending House Sales Tumble 3% Year-Over-Year (themaven.net) comments

The Amazon tax renters will pay (cepr.net) comments

Calls for rent control surge in Bay Area (mercurynews.com) comments

Buying a home? Sellers may use cameras, microphones to spy on house hunters (usatoday.com) comments

A New Type Of Poverty Is Crushing The Middle Class (uschnews.com) comments

Tech hubs with affordable housing (theatlantic.com) comments

Mon Apr 30 2018

California Dethroned as Hottest Housing Market (realtormag.realtor.org) comments

Gay site: Market hatred by the left stymies housing affordability (washingtonblade.com) comments

Seattle techies fight NIMBYs (politico.com) comments

The New U.S. Housing Crisis (fool.com) comments

Some really REALLY does not want any new housing in the Bay Area (eastbaytimes.com) comments

Australian banks fudging borrower expenses to make more loans (en.brinkwire.com) comments

2018 Toronto Real Estate Is Eerily Similar To What It Was in 1890 (torontostoreys.com) comments

Bay Area construction costs are rising about 1 percent to 1.5 percent each month (mercurynews.com) comments

Freddie Mac Launches "3% Down" Mortgage With No Income Restrictions (zerohedge.com) comments

How will we end NIMBYism in CA (marinij.com) comments

Fri Apr 27 2018

Debt pile looming large over Chinese households (theedgemarkets.com) comments

Canadian realtor wants alimony reduced because housing market is plummeting (cbc.ca) comments

California ecology groups helped to kill the most eco-friendly housing bill ever proposed (slate.com) comments

Expensive cities simply need MUCH MORE housing (vox.com) comments

Smaller apartments would help make housing cheaper (sfgate.com) comments

Has The Single Family House Outlived Its Time ? (usatoday.com) comments

Mortgage is Slavery, says Nassim Taleb (marketwatch.com) comments

Trump tax cuts make it harder for the rich to deduct mortgage interest (yahoo.com) comments

Bay Area now the home of super commuters (sfgate.com) comments

The great exodus out of America’s blue cities (thehill.com) comments

Wed Apr 25 2018

7 reasons stocks are better than real estate (marketwatch.com) comments

CA housing costs “crowding out” personal consumption, cash going to landlords and lenders instead of retail (chicoer.com) comments

Buying because an increasingly worse deal relative to renting (themaven.net) comments

San Francisco to hire needle cleanup team (sfgate.com) comments

CA housing shortage is not an unintended policy outcome (carlaef.org) comments

"Update on the Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in the US" (wolfstreet.com) comments

"The trillion-dollar coastal property bubble is ready to burst, per new study" (thinkprogress.org) comments

BARF (Bay Area Renters Federation) organizes to stop NIMBYs (mobile.nytimes.com) comments

One San Francisco lawmaker wants more affordable housing. Cue the fury from NIMBY leftists. (theamericanconservative.com) comments

The Bay Area is “broken” (phys.org) comments

Fri Apr 20 2018

San Francisco rents are lower than 2.5 years ago (patrick.net) comments

High-end houses across the country are taking longer to sell (therealdeal.com) comments

Weakening safeguards on securitized loans again (bloomberg.com) comments

Housing bubble or not, the real estate market is in trouble (nationalmortgagenews.com) comments

Warning sign: House flipping on the rise again (npr.org) comments

California lawmakers killed one of the biggest housing bills in the country (latimes.com) comments

Youth more pessimistic then their elders for the first time (themaven.net) comments

A new woe for a pricey housing market: Higher mortgage rates (cbsnews.com) comments

East Bay Hayward fault far greater danger than San Andreas (latimes.com) comments

The question "will Zillow buy your house for their zestimate price?" is now "yes". (stratechery.com) comments

Wed Apr 18 2018

English housing market grinds to a halt as buyers hold back (telegraph.co.uk) comments

What It Is Like to Get Caught in Toronto's Housing Slump (bloomberg.com) comments

Six Housing Markets At Risk Of Another Correction (forbes.com) comments

Most expensive housing market in every state (usatoday.com) comments

Stalled Mobility: Another Problem For The Housing Market (forbes.com) comments

Inclusionary zoning rules reduced construction and caused higher house prices (strongtowns.org) comments

Bay Areas iceberg underground houses (modernluxury.com) comments

SF Tourist industry wants city cleaned up (sfgate.com) comments

San Francisco’s Big Seismic Gamble (nytimes.com) comments

Retail real estate in free fall (bloomberg.com) comments

Mon Apr 16 2018

Australian housing market 'powder keg' could blow if interest rates rise (abc.net.au) comments

Sydney house prices to fall up to 10 pc over next two years (afr.com) comments

Who caused the Bay Area’s housing shortage? (extras.mercurynews.com) comments

The Global Housing Crisis (citylab.com) comments

My 10-Year Odyssey Through America’s Housing Crisis (wsj.com) comments

LA will pay you to house the homeless in your back yard (latimes.com) comments

Rent control spreading in CA (nytimes.com) comments

Rezoning CA could solve housing shortage (latimes.com) comments

NYC rents in free fall (bloomberg.com) comments

Granny flats are becoming popular everywhere (bloomberg.com) comments

Fraudulent realtors place same article in paper thousands of times, always confusing LAND VALUE with house value (dailymail.co.uk) comments

Wed Apr 11 2018

Credit bubble a-burstin: wave of bankruptcies sweeps subprime car-lenders (boingboing.net) comments

Toronto prices and sales falling quickly (bloomberg.com) comments

Housing 1998-2018: A Look At Markets Utterly Broken By The Crash (forbes.com) comments

This Rare Bear Who Called the Crash Warns Housing Is Too Hot Again (bloomberg.com) comments

English housing market falling (moodys.com) comments

Sales, prices fell in first quarter 2018 as market adjusts to tax reform (rew-online.com) comments

Silicon Valley’s housing prices are driving away top-earning engineers (observer.com) comments

Crisis: Debt-Ridden Millennials "Hitting Pause Button On Major Life Events" (zerohedge.com) comments

U.S. watchdog seeks record fine up to $1B against Wells Fargo for abuses (reuters.com) comments

San Francisco housing market is so dire that people are leaving in droves (businessinsider.com) comments

Mon Apr 09 2018

UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index (ubs.com) comments

Finding cheap housing in San Francisco by modeling Craigslist data (racketracer.com) comments

The Housing Market Is Heading South (seekingalpha.com) comments

Who caused Bay Area housing shortage? (mercurynews.com) comments

Housing in America: 83 million evictions (nytimes.com) comments

SF has a gentrification crisis (sfgate.com) comments

"Brutal Choice in Houston: Sell Home at a Loss or Face New Floods" (nytimes.com) comments

How Much Income You Need To Afford the Average Home In Every State (zerohedge.com) comments

Mark Cuban says Tech Bubble worse now than 2000 (linkedin.com) comments

Carrington Launches Subprime Mortgage Lending (themaven.net) comments

Fri Apr 06 2018

New York's luxury real estate market is falling (cnbc.com) comments

Developer trying to use new law to fast track conversion of old Vallco Mall in Cupertino into housing (cupertino.org) comments

How Tokyo built its way to abundant housing (jamesjgleeson.wordpress.com) comments

Proposed El Cerrito housing with 10 affordable units meets opposition from locals (berkeleyside.com) comments

Facebook sued for allowing discriminatory housing ads (curbed.com) comments

4 Radical Real Estate Ideas To Fix Our Broken Housing System (fastcompany.com) comments

And The Fastest Growing Bank Asset in 2017 Was… Subprime (zerohedge.com) comments

Australia's Housing Bubble Finally Popped? (themaven.net) comments

Student Loan Debt Will Prevent Future Generations From Buying Houses (graphics.wsj.com) comments

Massive debt. Damaged credit. Nothing to save. How student loans make home ownership a pipe dream (cnbc.com) comments

Mon Apr 02 2018

Bad to worse: Now Facebook is being sued over housing discrimination (fastcompany.com) comments

The housing bill that has people freaking out from Marin to Compton (dailynews.com) comments

Women less optimistic than men about housing market (valueinsured.com) comments

UK Housing Market Slows in February as Mortgage Approvals Slide (nytimes.com) comments

US subprime mortgage bonds back in fashion (cnbc.com) comments

Subprime mortgage bonds are making a comeback in a big way (curbed.com) comments

Liquidity crises in the mortgage market (brookings.edu) comments

Penthouse's $19 million discounted sale is a sign of a weak market (themaven.net) comments

Bigoted woman won't sell house to Trump voters (sacramento.cbslocal.com) comments

Splendid Case-Shiller Graphs Show Development of Bubble (seekingalpha.com) comments

Fri Mar 30 2018

Housing mortgage industry on shaky grounds (phys.org) comments

Housing Market Leverage (upfina.com) comments

The risk lurking in the US mortgage market (money.cnn.com) comments

Rising Mortgage Rates Threaten To Make Houses Cheaper for those with Cash (zillow.com) comments

A Look at the Sketchy Practices of "Redemption Rights" (wweek.com) comments

Manhattan Housing Market Slow Despite Big Wall Street Bonuses (mansionglobal.com) comments

Silicon Valley execs want End to CA housing shortage (bloomberg.com) comments

NIMBYism at its ugliest in Cupertino (sfchronicle.com) comments

Here’s the most expensive place in America to raise a family (marketwatch.com) comments

Los Angeles houses now valued at $2.7 trillion, the size of the UK economy (doctorhousingbubble.com) comments

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