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Fri Apr 27 2018

Mortgage is Slavery, says Nassim Taleb (marketwatch.com) comments
Debt pile looming large over Chinese households (theedgemarkets.com) comments
The great exodus out of America’s blue cities (thehill.com) comments
Bay Area now the home of super commuters (sfgate.com) comments
Trump tax cuts make it harder for the rich to deduct mortgage interest (yahoo.com) comments
Has The Single Family House Outlived Its Time ? (usatoday.com) comments
Smaller apartments would help make housing cheaper (sfgate.com) comments
Expensive cities simply need MUCH MORE housing (vox.com) comments
California ecology groups helped to kill the most eco-friendly housing bill ever proposed (slate.com) comments
Canadian realtor wants alimony reduced because housing market is plummeting (cbc.ca) comments

Wed Apr 25 2018

Buying because an increasingly worse deal relative to renting (themaven.net) comments
The Bay Area is “broken” (phys.org) comments
One San Francisco lawmaker wants more affordable housing. Cue the fury from NIMBY leftists. (theamericanconservative.com) comments
BARF (Bay Area Renters Federation) organizes to stop NIMBYs (mobile.nytimes.com) comments
"The trillion-dollar coastal property bubble is ready to burst, per new study" (thinkprogress.org) comments
"Update on the Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in the US" (wolfstreet.com) comments
CA housing shortage is not an unintended policy outcome (carlaef.org) comments
San Francisco to hire needle cleanup team (sfgate.com) comments
CA housing costs “crowding out” personal consumption, cash going to landlords and lenders instead of retail (chicoer.com) comments
7 reasons stocks are better than real estate (marketwatch.com) comments

Fri Apr 20 2018

East Bay Hayward fault far greater danger than San Andreas (latimes.com) comments
A new woe for a pricey housing market: Higher mortgage rates (cbsnews.com) comments
Youth more pessimistic then their elders for the first time (themaven.net) comments
California lawmakers killed one of the biggest housing bills in the country (latimes.com) comments
The question "will Zillow buy your house for their zestimate price?" is now "yes". (stratechery.com) comments
Housing bubble or not, the real estate market is in trouble (nationalmortgagenews.com) comments
Weakening safeguards on securitized loans again (bloomberg.com) comments
High-end houses across the country are taking longer to sell (therealdeal.com) comments
San Francisco rents are lower than 2.5 years ago (patrick.net) comments
Warning sign: House flipping on the rise again (npr.org) comments

Wed Apr 18 2018

Bay Areas iceberg underground houses (modernluxury.com) comments
SF Tourist industry wants city cleaned up (sfgate.com) comments
San Francisco’s Big Seismic Gamble (nytimes.com) comments
Retail real estate in free fall (bloomberg.com) comments
Inclusionary zoning rules reduced construction and caused higher house prices (strongtowns.org) comments
Stalled Mobility: Another Problem For The Housing Market (forbes.com) comments
Most expensive housing market in every state (usatoday.com) comments
Six Housing Markets At Risk Of Another Correction (forbes.com) comments
What It Is Like to Get Caught in Toronto's Housing Slump (bloomberg.com) comments
English housing market grinds to a halt as buyers hold back (telegraph.co.uk) comments

Mon Apr 16 2018

NYC rents in free fall (bloomberg.com) comments
Rezoning CA could solve housing shortage (latimes.com) comments
Rent control spreading in CA (nytimes.com) comments
LA will pay you to house the homeless in your back yard (latimes.com) comments
My 10-Year Odyssey Through America’s Housing Crisis (wsj.com) comments
The Global Housing Crisis (citylab.com) comments
Who caused the Bay Area’s housing shortage? (extras.mercurynews.com) comments
Sydney house prices to fall up to 10 pc over next two years (afr.com) comments
Australian housing market 'powder keg' could blow if interest rates rise (abc.net.au) comments
Granny flats are becoming popular everywhere (bloomberg.com) comments
Fraudulent realtors place same article in paper thousands of times, always confusing LAND VALUE with house value (dailymail.co.uk) comments

Wed Apr 11 2018

Credit bubble a-burstin: wave of bankruptcies sweeps subprime car-lenders (boingboing.net) comments
San Francisco housing market is so dire that people are leaving in droves (businessinsider.com) comments
U.S. watchdog seeks record fine up to $1B against Wells Fargo for abuses (reuters.com) comments
Crisis: Debt-Ridden Millennials "Hitting Pause Button On Major Life Events" (zerohedge.com) comments
Silicon Valley’s housing prices are driving away top-earning engineers (observer.com) comments
Sales, prices fell in first quarter 2018 as market adjusts to tax reform (rew-online.com) comments
English housing market falling (moodys.com) comments
This Rare Bear Who Called the Crash Warns Housing Is Too Hot Again (bloomberg.com) comments
Housing 1998-2018: A Look At Markets Utterly Broken By The Crash (forbes.com) comments
Toronto prices and sales falling quickly (bloomberg.com) comments

Mon Apr 09 2018

Carrington Launches Subprime Mortgage Lending (themaven.net) comments
Mark Cuban says Tech Bubble worse now than 2000 (linkedin.com) comments
How Much Income You Need To Afford the Average Home In Every State (zerohedge.com) comments
"Brutal Choice in Houston: Sell Home at a Loss or Face New Floods" (nytimes.com) comments
SF has a gentrification crisis (sfgate.com) comments
Housing in America: 83 million evictions (nytimes.com) comments
Who caused Bay Area housing shortage? (mercurynews.com) comments
The Housing Market Is Heading South (seekingalpha.com) comments
Finding cheap housing in San Francisco by modeling Craigslist data (racketracer.com) comments
UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index (ubs.com) comments

Fri Apr 06 2018

Massive debt. Damaged credit. Nothing to save. How student loans make home ownership a pipe dream (cnbc.com) comments
Student Loan Debt Will Prevent Future Generations From Buying Houses (graphics.wsj.com) comments
Australia's Housing Bubble Finally Popped? (themaven.net) comments
And The Fastest Growing Bank Asset in 2017 Was… Subprime (zerohedge.com) comments
Facebook sued for allowing discriminatory housing ads (curbed.com) comments
Proposed El Cerrito housing with 10 affordable units meets opposition from locals (berkeleyside.com) comments
How Tokyo built its way to abundant housing (jamesjgleeson.wordpress.com) comments
Developer trying to use new law to fast track conversion of old Vallco Mall in Cupertino into housing (cupertino.org) comments
New York's luxury real estate market is falling (cnbc.com) comments
4 Radical Real Estate Ideas To Fix Our Broken Housing System (fastcompany.com) comments

Mon Apr 02 2018

Liquidity crises in the mortgage market (brookings.edu) comments
Bigoted woman won't sell house to Trump voters (sacramento.cbslocal.com) comments
Splendid Case-Shiller Graphs Show Development of Bubble (seekingalpha.com) comments
Penthouse's $19 million discounted sale is a sign of a weak market (themaven.net) comments
Subprime mortgage bonds are making a comeback in a big way (curbed.com) comments
US subprime mortgage bonds back in fashion (cnbc.com) comments
UK Housing Market Slows in February as Mortgage Approvals Slide (nytimes.com) comments
Women less optimistic than men about housing market (valueinsured.com) comments
Bad to worse: Now Facebook is being sued over housing discrimination (fastcompany.com) comments
The housing bill that has people freaking out from Marin to Compton (dailynews.com) comments

Fri Mar 30 2018

Here’s the most expensive place in America to raise a family (marketwatch.com) comments
NIMBYism at its ugliest in Cupertino (sfchronicle.com) comments
Silicon Valley execs want End to CA housing shortage (bloomberg.com) comments
Manhattan Housing Market Slow Despite Big Wall Street Bonuses (mansionglobal.com) comments
A Look at the Sketchy Practices of "Redemption Rights" (wweek.com) comments
The risk lurking in the US mortgage market (money.cnn.com) comments
Housing Market Leverage (upfina.com) comments
Housing mortgage industry on shaky grounds (phys.org) comments
Los Angeles houses now valued at $2.7 trillion, the size of the UK economy (doctorhousingbubble.com) comments
Rising Mortgage Rates Threaten To Make Houses Cheaper for those with Cash (zillow.com) comments

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