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Thu Jul 02 2020

Appeals court lifts restraint against Trump book publisher, so prepare for lots of retellings of tales of TRUMP! being caught blowing the neighbor's pets and other crimes against nature! ( comments

Oakland Zoo faces permanent closure if it doesn't reopen this month ( comments

The Definition of Karen has Changed ( comments

Harvard Grad Claira Janover lost her Deloitte job over TikTok terror video ( comments

Why Derek Chauvin May Get Off His Murder Charge ( comments

Open letter to Kenny Gryp: It was morally wrong of you to let the most intolerant win ( comments

Wed Jul 01 2020

De Blasio declares New York City 'safest big city in America' ( comments

Law and Order ( comments

CNN Center up for Sale ( comments

LOL! ‘Unhinged Old Crank’ Award ( comments

Without Mugshots most will always assume the perpetrators are Black ( comments

Bohemian Bourgeois Spawn mock Cops ( comments

DiBlasio needs a profound reason to understand Liberty and that Americans will never yield to communist will. ( comments

Protesters set up guillotine outside of Jeff Bezos’ DC home ( comments

Racist time travelers will not escape cancelling ( comments

Indian Caste system discrimination in American tech companies ( comments

Indoor dining - Nyet! Outdoor high-density Marxist demonstrations - Da! ( comments

Biden's Press Conference was Scripted ( comments

He hath loosed the fateful lightning Of His terrible swift sword ( comments

The trouble with judging historical figures by today’s moral standards ( comments

A cash cliff spells trouble for U.S. unemployed, and everyone else ( comments

Flood Factor for Housing & Property ( comments

Many states halt or reverse plans for reopening as coronavirus cases spike ( comments

The NGO's just got Eph'd in the 1A ( comments

Flatten the fear ( comments

Biden says he would make wearing face masks mandatory for Americans ( comments

Tue Jun 30 2020

And here are Republicans selling out America. ( comments

Mercy killing leads to financial claims ( comments

These Bastards are putting your right to defend yourself from Terrorists on trial ( comments

Yawn! And, The Covid Fraud Moves On..... ( comments

Distinct pattern for coronavirus transmission emerges ( comments

Biden at 55% in Critical Poll. ( comments

Chinese spies penetrated Trump ( comments

CA to make it illegal to call 911 based on Race ( comments

Trump is 100% right so suspend H1-B, H2-B, J, and L visas ( comments

The rioting, looting, killings - no problem, but now you are leading these thugs to my house! ( comments

The Inconvenience of History ( comments

BLM/Antifa surround car in... Provo, Utah? And shoot at driver ( comments

Grievance Cage Match! ( comments

Marxism | Critical Theory ( comments

AP sources: White House aware of Russian bounties in 2019 ( comments

It's time to light the commies up! ( comments

"Oh, Lordy, can't the police do something?", whines Seattle chief of police. ( comments

A racist can change his name, but he'll always be a hater and a racist ( comments

Epocolypse Fuck! ( comments

CARL BERNSTEIN ON TRUMP'S PHONE SEX CALLS WITH PUTIN: Trump Was Begging Putin to Fuck His Face Harder and Harder and Screaming Please Make Me Your Bloody Whore Bitch and Get Me the Killer Refi, My Lord and Master! ( comments

On Behalf Of Environmentalists, I Apologize For The Climate Scare ( comments

Reddit takes Chinese money and purges 2,000 subreddits ( comments

80% of Democrats have some form of dementia, only 20% can spot it in other people. ( comments

Mon Jun 29 2020

To Simple!!! ( comments

New Swine Flu Reminds AMERICA!'s Hot Chicks Survival Depends on Breathing Through My Dick Until 2029 ( comments

Nothing Worse Than A CHAZ/CHOP Trannie Diving For Cover Ass In The Air Begging For Mommie And The Cops ( comments

Trump directs federal agencies to fill job vacancies based on merit rather than degrees ( comments

India bans TikTok + 59 other apps ( comments

Fighting back! ( comments

Twitch Suspends Trump's Official Account ( comments

Reddit pulls the Plug on The_Donald ( comments

How you know the goal is Anti-White ( comments

Roberts Betrays Yet Again ( comments

10 Key Questions House Reps Should Ask Powell and Mnuchin Tomorrow ( comments

Neutering the police has consequences ( comments

Controversy over Home Depot pest removal products ( comments


TMZ doesn't get the concept of who Karen is. Karen is the self righteous cunts that tells other people what to do. ( comments

NYC Year of Crime ( comments

Sun Jun 28 2020

Blacks kill other blacks at 71 TIMES the rate that white police kill blacks ( comments

Sunk Cost Fallacy ( comments

Breaking: “Racist Statue of Liberty” to be Dismantled, Returned to France ( comments

BLM rioters attack churches and synagogues, but no mosques ( comments

This week's Hoax ( comments

British police investigating to see if "White lives matter" banner broke laws. WTF? ( comments

ISIS to Advise Antifa ( comments

Traitor Trump is Putin's Bitch ( comments

Yes in case you're wondering, Cops can and will clear a park if needed, or they have an "OH Fuck We're getting Sued" moment ( comments

Why Is 137 the Most Magical Number? ( comments

It Doesn't Matter What You Think, Reality Is What It Is ( comments

Only by apologizing for their skin color can white people begin to combat racism! ( comments

11 Cognitive Biases That Influence Political Outcomes ( comments

Trump: No, the mob will not be allowed to tear down statues by force ( comments

Trump tweets requests for public to identify BLM vandals ( comments

Number of H1-B workers taking American jobs has been kept secret from the public ( comments

Most of us are moderate and get along, but the media divides us and makes us angry ( comments

Soon FB will ban ALL conservatives ( comments

Wireless Emergency Alert: Stay Home, Avoid Gathering With People Outside Your Households ( comments

Wuhan virus traces found in March 2019 Barcelona sewage sample, Spanish study shows ( comments

'Family Guy' voice actor Mike Henry says he is 'stepping down' from Cleveland Brown role on animated series ( comments

Sat Jun 27 2020

Black Crime Matters ( comments

Democrat/media virus hysteria harms the poor most of all ( comments

Dumb people are teaching your children. ( comments

Democrats' anti-science hysteria could gurantee Trump's re-election ( comments

Fresh from twitter feed of ACLU ( comments

Feminism is creating political instability and violence ( comments

The Landover Baptist Church - Where the Worthwhile Worship, Unsaved Unwelcome ( comments

Race Is Real, But Not in the Way Many People Think ( comments

Credit Card Skimmers Can Hide in an Icon's Metadata ( comments

Black Lives Matter Protesters Demonstrate Outside San Antonio Councilman’s Home ( comments

Liberalism and Fascism: 5 ways in which ‘liberals’ are exactly the same as Nazis ( comments

Liberals, not president, act like Nazis ( comments

China’s Three Gorges Dam in danger of collapse ( comments

It's Just a small number of Radicals, not the Whole Party! ( comments

Madison BLM shook down Businesses for Protection Money, arrested ( comments

4th of July ( comments

Judge rules DeBlasio and Cuomo violated Constitution ( comments

Visa now denying credit and payment processing based on your political views ( comments

Death WITH Wuhan virus are not deaths FROM Wuhan virus ( comments

Share with friends: the virus panic was totally misguided, and the press is guilty of FEAR MONGERING ( comments

Significantly more people were killed by the over-reaction to Wuhan virus than by the virus itself ( comments

This is what this new BLM Cult is like, WTF! ( comments

Fri Jun 26 2020

Trump Regulators Gut Restrictions on Risky Wall St Gambling ( comments

San Francisco’s plan to put homeless people in hotels and motels is not going well. ( comments

What happens when you think your stupidity is more valid than facts and science ? ( comments

Minnesota Town Goes Woke, Pledges Not To Call Cops, Is Now ‘Overrun’ By Homeless Encampment ( comments

Mural? SeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiT ( comments

Joe Biden:"When I'm president I vow to oppress every last mother fucking one of you! ( comments

HAR no longer using 'master' to describe bedrooms and bathrooms ( comments

The first of a series of Soros Cock Suckers lining up for the orange Jump Suit. Yes there has been bribes in Liberal accusations ( comments

One weird sign of trouble in the banking sector ( comments

We can find and arrest the rioting assholes because WE HAVE THEIR PHONE LOCATIONS ( comments

Who is it that needs factchecking? ( comments


Welcome To The Tinfoil Hat Company ( comments

Five Points about U.S. Trade Over the Last Thirty Years ( comments

Millions of Americans can’t afford water as bills rise 80% in a decade ( comments

The Depression Dominoes Are Toppling ( comments

I Gotta Move these Refrigerators, Custom Kitchen Deliveries ( comments

Democrats are White Trash, Liberals parents should be ashamed of themselves. ( comments

Something's coming up and it bust your bubble ( comments

TikTok spies on your iPhone clipboard every three keystrokes ( comments

Here Are The 269 Companies Who Are Supporting BLM & Antifa Riots ( comments

Thu Jun 25 2020

Oregon 1st implements facemask mandates for whites only, then removes the POC exemption blaming "racists" ( comments

Not today Jose' ( comments

Project Veritas on Institutional Anti-White Racism in Silly Con Valley ( comments

LBOs Make (More) Companies Go Bankrupt ( comments

Dirty Tricks Of The Public Relations Industry ( comments

Crazy people are planning to pull down statue in Los Angeles. ( comments

U.S. economy is in “Depression-like crisis”, no return to pre-recession peak until 2023 ( comments

Can't make this shit up: Squaw Valley ski resort to change it's "racist, sexist" name. ( comments

CNN can't figure out why Urban Areas are deluged with Fireworks ( comments

We kill the black and indigenous people first - Melinda Gates ( comments

More hidin with Biden ( comments

It's Just the Chicks Now - maximum wokey dokey ( comments

Principles don't mean Surrender ( comments

How can Three People Drown in a backyard pool? ( comments

New COVID-19 infections rising, but new deaths flat as younger patients recover ( comments

Fucking pussy Commie invader assaults old man trying to stop him from defacing CC statue only to run and hide behind the cops ( comments

A 100-Year Bond at Less Than 1%? It's No Big Deal ( comments

Popular Realtor Fired Over Social Media Comments ( comments

California Legislature votes you adopt Systemic Racism ( comments

Offical: Biden will be nominated at Virtual Convention, Delegates not to attend physically ( comments

The psychology of psychopathy: An inside look at the psychopathic brain ( comments

Microeconomics Basics ( comments

Macroeconomics Basics ( comments

Velocity of Money ( comments

Wed Jun 24 2020

It's not a noose! ( comments

Tearing down statues is OK. For firecrackers you go to jail! ( comments

Then They Came For Christians ( comments

Those Homeboys Got Indicted On Murder For Offing Ahmaud ( comments

Segway Is Closing Down ( comments

Alameda County Covid-19 Reopening Schedule ( comments

The Offensive List (aka Guess What Is Racist Now?) ( comments

Massive Hirsute Lesbian for the KO! ( comments

Obama personally directed anti-Flynn operation in order to undermine US democracy ( comments

Minneapolis PD Union refused Footage in violation of Contract ( comments

Punish the vandals! ( comments

Lol, the left is now boycotting Facebook because they are not intolerant enough! ( comments

Do we have democracy? Or do we have mob rule? ( comments

Lord what a mess for Obama, Flynn wins appeal from Obama's weaponized Courts ( comments

Oregon county issues face mask order that exempts non-white people ( comments

Negroes of the UK ( comments

Obama to host a queer fest to honor Cornhole Day ( comments

Roger Stone got special treatment, usually they shoot you in the face when you answer the door ( comments

Will Food Network be cancelled? ( comments

Bubba Wallace : Strong and Brave ( comments

Myopic children have higher intelligence ( comments

Police Ambushed in Tampa by 100s responding to fake shooting call ( comments

Tue Jun 23 2020

Trump Live address ( comments

Fake Noose – The NASCAR Bubba Wallace “Rope Noose” Was a Purposeful Hoax… ( comments

This just in, the Left MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell loathes Transgender people, and wonders where in the fuck is the police when you need them. ( comments

Ron Jeremy me too’ed ( comments

2020: The San Fran MadM2Fs did it ( comments

Good news! Yemen's Houthis attack deep in Islamic Dictatorship of Saudi Arabia ( comments

Vallejo defunded its police force. Killings by officers soared. ( comments

Were Hitler and the Nazis politically Left or Right Wing? ( comments

Man ends up in court for calling ex’s Irish boyfriend a ‘leprechaun’ ( comments


REITS - Opposing Views ( comments

California Housing Market Report & Predictions 2020 - By Gord Collins May 25, 2020 ( comments

NY Times doxes blogger ( comments

Life Media US Politics Yes, it’s time to defund NPR - They are producing anti-journalism ( comments

In the United States, right-wing violence is on the rise ( comments

Mob fails to tear down Andrew Jackson statue in DC - police finally stop them! ( comments

This is why I've sworn off Corporate food, the fucking Beasts they hire, I take one look at the lot of them and fuck off. ( comments

Cagot reparations, now! ( comments

Junípero Serra's road to sainthood is controversial for Native Americans ( comments

New Program Helps People Of Color Adopt A White Liberal To Speak On Their Behalf ( comments

NYers take revenge on DeBlasio ( comments

Trump was right in 2017 about statues ( comments

Trump Spoiler 25 people are going to get indicted at the end of the Summer. ( comments

Lafayette Square Riot broken up ( comments

California governor, lawmakers agree how to close deficit ( comments

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