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2011 Dec 9, 1:03am   1,173,297 views  8,824 comments

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48   Dan8267   2011 Dec 30, 7:06am  

TMAC54 says

It's a Panda !
What did you think it was ?

Until the third picture, when you start to see the black around the eyes and head, my guess was naked mole rat with missing teeth.

49   TMAC54   2011 Dec 31, 1:09am  

My thought exactly, WTF is that ?

50   elliemae   2011 Dec 31, 9:25am  

Wow, is this how teachers spend their winter vacations?

51   marcus   2011 Dec 31, 10:41am  

I save stuff when I come across ones that amuse me. People don't email me funny stuff nearly as often as they used to 14 years ago, when the internet was young.

Those are just a few from the past year or two, and took me about 10 minutes to share.

As for trying to share other things, like a point of view, I need to give up on that for a while. A New Years Resolution perhaps. But I will still be reading some of my favorites.

52   elliemae   2011 Dec 31, 2:05pm  

They were funny, I was just yanking your chain. I have an entire folder in my email full of funny stuff.

53   TMAC54   2011 Dec 31, 11:33pm  

marcus says

share other things, like a point of view

Watching your Pandas reassures me that Animals have emotions including a sense of humor. Thanx.
I first observed that prankster type behavior watching different types of parrots.
Snowball the dancing Cockatoo, on youtube proves white people aren't the only animals that can't quite keep a beat.

55   elliemae   2012 Jan 12, 1:54pm  

zzyzzx: That cat trap one is seriously funny.

56   TMAC54   2012 Jan 13, 10:32pm  

What would you change your names to ?

Pat Medoun

60   elliemae   2012 Feb 3, 1:09am  

I have several different animal varieties that I'll sell for less. Hell, I'll pay ya to take it away!

63   TMAC54   2012 Feb 12, 2:40am  


64   elliemae   2012 Feb 12, 2:56am  

With the breakup lines - the classic "It's not you, it's me..." wasn't there.

66   TPB   2012 Feb 13, 2:47am  

There's an immigrant grocer here in SoFla called Bravo, I chuckle every time I pass by their Fish display. They have "Hole Shrimp" for sale.

67   TPB   2012 Feb 13, 2:51am  

Those Break up lines translations aren't funny they are the truth.

68   elliemae   2012 Feb 13, 2:06pm  

Santorum looks like he has the matter well in-hand

72   TMAC54   2012 Feb 19, 10:41am  

Imagine if they had won !

How long til we see those prices ?

74   zzyzzx   2012 Mar 22, 1:07am  

I'm sure that we can make good use of this one:

75   Dan8267   2012 Mar 22, 4:13am  

Ah, classic Buffy from the season 4 episode 10 Hush where no one could speak through most of the story.

76   Vicente   2012 Mar 22, 1:04pm  

Dan8267 says

Ah, classic Buffy from the season 4 episode 10 Hush where no one could speak through most of the story.


77   Dan8267   2012 Mar 22, 1:18pm  

If watching a young, hot Sarah Michelle Gellar makes you less of a man, I'm still okay with owning the complete DVD series.

However, Vicente, if your taste leans more towards Angel and Spike, that's OK too. Not my pick, but I'm not one to judge.

78   Vicente   2012 Mar 22, 2:03pm  

Just razzing you. I had a thing for Buffy in the earlier seasons.

Hush, Dead Things, Once More with Feeling. Yep, guilty.


Although my true crush was Charisma Carpenter, what a wonderful bitch she was I miss her!

79   elliemae   2012 Mar 22, 2:21pm  

shhhhhhhhhhh! I'm looking at pics of half-naked men! give me a moment!

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