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5074   Ceffer   2022 Jul 31, 3:14pm  

There's a gal who had one too many Cleveland steamers:
5082   cisTits   2022 Aug 2, 2:51pm  

Again, the wrong one died:

5085   Patrick   2022 Aug 5, 1:04pm  

American math team beats China in world finals.

I'm proud of Americans no matter where they or their ancestors came from!
5086   Ceffer   2022 Aug 5, 3:06pm  

Da Bee Buzz:

5101   HeadSet   2022 Aug 14, 7:14pm  

Booger says

Literally - Drive Humps. German has fun with their similar word for drive - Fahren. "Ausfahrt Verbotten" comes to mind.
5102   Ceffer   2022 Aug 17, 10:45am  

The more I learn, the more I feel I'm not getting anywhere.
5104   Onvacation   2022 Aug 17, 2:12pm  

Patrick says

Actually, black on yellow is just a warning. Black on white is law.
5105   Onvacation   2022 Aug 17, 4:29pm  

Onvacation says

Actually, black on yellow is just a warning. Black on white is law.

I've been to traffic school a lot. One time I got to keep my ticket off my record by taking a red cross CPR class.
5106   Patrick   2022 Aug 17, 4:36pm  

I had to go once when I got two speeding tickets in a few months.

The first one was for going 74 in a 65 zone.

The second was because I was being tailgated by an unmarked white van and sped up to get away from it. The white van was actually tracking my speed for the police, something they do as an alternative to using radar.

Traffic school was really punishment, not school.
5113   Patrick   2022 Aug 19, 1:01pm  

That pound of platinum is worth about $14,400 at the moment.

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