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8497   Ceffer   2024 Jun 12, 10:23pm  

"My experience as a reasonably attractive young man when I was younger, is that (young < 21) womens' idea of expressing interest in a man is basically pseudo-stalking, in that they arrange to "be around" their interest as much as they can, usually for a period of up to 2 weeks. The guy is supposed to "notice" them and after a relatively easy shit-test, it's on. If the young man doesn't engage, then light switch off."

"She will actually loathe the guy for the insult of not engaging with her. Fury of a woman scorned."

Both true. Media always show sexually aggressive women growing on trees, or attractive women without a gaggle of orbiting wallets at their beck and call. This virtually never occurs in real life (unless you have conspicuous fame, money or power). It's an almost inviolable rule that the man makes the first move, however token, and it is demanded and expected that way. It's probably to improve the woman's negotiating position in relation to whatever comes next, since they are always selling and the man buying.
8501   Ceffer   2024 Jun 13, 1:30am  

If you are careful, you can trim your toenails with it. Looks like a good place to shred documents, too!
8510   Ceffer   2024 Jun 13, 12:27pm  

Snatch Power!

8512   Ceffer   2024 Jun 13, 5:52pm  

The Lord's Prayer, directly translated from Aramaic, instead of Aramaic to Greek to Latin To English.
8513   Ceffer   2024 Jun 13, 5:56pm  

Yuck, baby Cthulhu.

8518   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jun 14, 11:07am  

Dedicated to all of those who see correlation and assume causality.

8519   Ceffer   2024 Jun 14, 11:32am  

Is that cat at the median or the average of the crumple? Also, is it Schrodinger's Cat?
8535   Ceffer   2024 Jun 17, 11:24am  

Even the aliens can't make the green measures work.

8536   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jun 17, 1:08pm  

Star Wars Episode I:The Phantom Menace. Model maker Michael Lynch created a mock crowd by cutting and painting 450,000 cotton swabs. To simulate cheering, filmmakers placed fans beneath the setup.

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