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I Am a Scum Like Rothschilds & Rockefellers. Money-Lenders Are Good.

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I want you to view a couple of youtube videos if you can and tell me your thoughts and/or make a video if you can about it.

These are high-quality content videos. Not typical youtube garbage. They are very very informative videos. The videos are long but they are extremely informative and worthy for everyone to watch.

The banking elite such as the Rockfellers, Rothschilds, Duponts, Morgans, Vanderbilts, Kenndedys & Carnegies all control the music industry, education system, medical system, banking system, political system, wars & foreign policy.

99% of all major businesses are owned by them. They plan to bankrupt their own businesses. Why? Because they want a complete collapse of the entire financial system to bring chaos into society. Why? To introduce World War 3 which will bring the world into a one world government.

They are also involved in they occult and control various groups such as the Freemasons. Andrew Carnegie the second richest man in the history of all mankind was a Rothschild agent. He later had his children marry into the Rockefeller family. He helped created self-help books for Napoleon Hill by giving him the chance to interview 500 of the most successful businessmen. Napoleon Hill's philosphy to success teaches the reader occult practices to become successful. Napoleon Hill was a freemason along with the Andrew Carnegie.

Hill admitted that the higher-ups in Freemasonry are involved in occult practices. In Napoleon Hill's works, he teaches you to contact dead spirits, pyschic powers, visualization (it's actually an occult practice), astral projection, meditation, sex transmutation and lowering your brainwave frequencies.

I follow all these practices. I have learned Napoleon Hills philosphy which was actually the success philosophy of the elite bankers.

This philosphy involves occult practices which I follow. The wealthiest individuals in the world have used the occult as a very important key in their success.

Not only do I follow their success philosphy based upon they occult but I follow their political goals of a one world government.

In fact, I supported the one world government by myself. At only 8 years old from my own idea, I thought that the world should only have one government and one currency. This was from my own thinking and I thought of the idea by myself.

I am basically a scum like them and I am proud of it.

Andrew Carnegie is the reason, why we have the current flawed medical system and the greedy pharmaceutical companies. He has manipulated the medical education system, American Medical Association, FDA, Health Insurance & Drug companies. The wealth he has donated has gone towards globalist goals & one world governmnt funding.

The majority of people who think that they are wealthy such as doctors, lawyers and engineers are actually nothing but peasants compared to the bankers. And they only reason they are making money is because of the international bankers. Men like John D.Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie who didn't even have any high school education are the reason why they have just a little bit of money compared to the rest of the peasans.. Most of what you learn in formal schooling is useless in the real world anyway besides learning to read, write and do math along with basic science.

Public schooling was invented by these people to control society along with feminism which was meant to break-up the family.

Yet the majority of dumb peasants think they are so smart with their worthless college paper degree that is as good as toliet paper.

Education is controlled by them and the so-called "education" is nothing but brainwashing.

"When you give the peasants a little bit of money, they begin to think that they are something which they are not."

This mindset has gotten so widely pronounced. To many people are concernced with showing off and many are living beyond their means.

The wealthy elite however do NOT show off. They always try to downplay their wealth and they don't care about showing off. They want you to think that they have not much money. They are also very shrewd with wealth management and investments. They budget very well.

A lot of people who you may believe to be wealthy are actually nothing but peasants and they have nothing but debt. Example. Real Houswives of Beverly Hills & Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The majority of people driving mercedes, bmw, lexus and audis; are really not that wealthy usually. They usually just have a high-income than the majority but their expenses are also very high. The majority of them die broke.

Benjamin Fulford exposed HAARP in 2007 which is a climate control technology financed by the international bankers. HAARP can engineer fake natural disasters like the tsunami in Japan which was actually caused by HAARP. International bankers caused the the tsunami in Japan and they were the first ones experimenting with HAARP in Japan around 2007-2008.

They used Japan as testing for the technology. They will be now implenting this technology on American peasants in the near future.


Benjamin Fulford confronted David Rockefeller about giving the powers of the FED back to Congress where it belongs and he also confronted him about being basically the dictator of the world.

After Fulford confronted Rockfeller and a japanese political figure; a high level freemason approached him. He told him that he knows too much about the new world order and now he must join the NWO or they will kill him. A chinese mafia group approached him and offered protection. He accepted.

I fully support the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds along with the Morgans, Duponts, Vanderbilts, Kennedys along with the rest of the banking aristrocracy. Sheep are meant to be financially raped and then murdered. They are the problem and cancer of the world. The bankers are the solution and cure to the cancer.

Why don't you be a scum as well Demcad? The new world order is good. I want to be 100 years old and have people calling me a wealthy scumbag as I sit in my bomb-proof bullet-proof mercedes with my bodyguards inside with me.

Please respond if you can and tell me what you think about these videos along with the information I just wrote. I am also a Pakistani and I am a traitor to my own people. I can't wait for them to attack Iran which will potientally cause a major foreign conflict leading to World War 3. I also want them to give more money to Israel.

I am happy the sheeple in Iraq were murdered. 9/11 was also caused by the bankers.

David Rockefeller was the CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase. Chase owns large private shares of the Federal Reserve Bank along with Goldman Sachs. His great grandfather, John D. Rockefeller bought private shares of the Federal Reserve as well. Chase bank is largely controlled by the Rockefellers and it is also a bank of the Rothschilds. Same goes for Goldman Sachs along with the majority of major banks.

Majority of major companies are all owned by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

PS. Research John Todd as well. He said a lot of things that people thought was crazy at the time but all of it came true. He also advised people to buy guns to protect themselves. He talked a lot about J.P. Morgan as well along with the Rothschilds. He also talked about the occult and how the elite are involved in it.

Benjamin Fulford Confronts Rockefeller About Federal Reserve

57 Finance Ministers Aimed At Setting Up International Finance System: Final Warning of NWO.

Rockefeller Confronted As He Sits in His Bomb-Proof Bullet Proof Mercedes S-Guard Benz

Is HAARP an Illuminati Earthquake machine used in Japan?

Japan Earthquake Caused by HAARP

Evelyn De Rothschild on Europeon Debt Crisis

Evelyn de Rothschild Speaks - Geoengineering/HAARP Association?

Evelyn De Rothschild Warning Masses - Too Late (Holding Bonds, Oil, Gold)

Rothschilds Documentary About Their Banking Fraud

Aaron Russo became friends with one of the Rockefellers and Rockefeller wanted him to join the NWO. He declined.



Freedom to Facsism


1 Hour Interview With David Rockefeller


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Some more videos which may interest you

Lord Jacob Rothschild Confronted

Several Elites Confronted

More confrontations available on this channel


We elites are going to tear you dumb worthless peasants apart.

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God Bless America.

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I'm sorry if I'm talking out of turn as I'm in a rush and haven't read the whole piece but what Hill advertises and promotes is not occultism at all (assuming I am right in my imaginings Of what you consider of the occult), the Bible confirms it.

It is simply Faith.
With a smidge of intelligent thinking.

Nothing occult about it.
It may seem occultish due to the distorted nature of our broken world but it really couldn't be more natural.

Faith is a vestige and represents the humanity's true potential and is a vestige from our untainted ancient past that the lies of the current time have made into fairy tales with the sole purpose of stifling us.

Faith represents God's initial intentions for us upon creation through our limitless potential and makes it understandable why His greatest angel was so butthurt at our existence.

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