Fixer Upper

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by fil     💰tip   follow   2012 Jul 25, 8:11am  

What makes a place a "fixer upper"? I have looked at some places that were "renovated" and it seemed all they did was put in shiny steel appliances and paint the walls. I imagine there are some actual "fixer uppers" out there that need some real work, but I also imagine there are houses listed as "fixer uppers" that really just need some new paint. Thoughts.

1   gbenson   2012 Jul 25, 8:54am  

Fixer upper means you aren't going to just open the door and move in. It can mean anything from needing a little sheetrock work, or a code violation, to needing a whole house rewire and new roof. Depending on the amount of 'fixing up' it needs, banks might not want to lend on a fixer.
Usually if it only needs paint or flooring, its referred to as a 'cosmetic fixer'.

2   New Renter   2012 Jul 25, 8:54am  

Bad foundation
Sloped floors/out of plumb walls
Leaky plumbing
Insufficient wiring
Bad roof
Insect damage
Damaged and/or green pool
Feral yard
Smoke or fire damage

These are just what springs to mind. I'm sure many more can be added to the list

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