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It's great that Bay Area home prices are back to "normal"

By rigidmember follow rigidmember   2013 May 15, 12:23pm 1,940 views  1 comment           share      


"The Bay Area is getting back to normal fast," said Andrew LePage, a DataQuick analyst. "We've had just the right ingredients for big increases in the median and other price measures. We've got drum-tight inventory of homes for sale, an unprecedented level of investors chasing homes, interest rates lower than most of us alive have ever seen, and changes in the types of homes selling and where they're selling."

1   thomaswong.1986   2013 May 15, 1:27pm  

Normal ? see 1991 to 1997 (or mid 98) regarding "normal" RE prices... and that was
under far better economic reasons. DQ has provided some great data over the years
but I fail to see they ignore past history so easy.

Frankly all we have in the SFBA is HYPE from one end to the other.

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