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Why A Media Shield Law Won't Protect Bloggers

By OurBroker follow OurBroker   2013 May 16, 1:26am 906 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Hi --

I know this is a little off the usual subject but as a journalist and blogger this is important stuff for us, for Patrick and for those who read and contribute to this site,

Believe it or not there has been a federal effort to protect reporters from politically-inspired subpoenas since 1929. Obviously, nothing has happened. Now there is talk on Capitol Hill of a new newsman's privilege bill -- but it won't matter after various exclusions are added to the legislation. It also won't matter because privacy is now dead. It's not that reporters no longer have confidentiality, no one does. Please "like" this and pass it on.


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