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A fool and his money make a great date...

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A mystery woman who many say looked like the Florida woman who recently won the Powerball jackpot picked up the tab for 180 diners at a Plant City restaurant.

It happened around 4 p.m. Sunday at BuddyFreddy's.

Restaurant manager Stephanie Reaves told the Tampa Bay Times the woman looked like Gloria C. MacKenzie. She was with another woman and a younger man. They ate, then left. She returned and paid $2,600 to cover the meals for the rest of the diners. She even left $50 each for each of the five servers.

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All that and a less than 10% tip. Everyone loves this story except the servers!

Watching to see if this becomes another of those "ruined life through lottery win" stories.

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But she wasn't the one that won the lottery.
I suspect she was at the table with her two kids.
I think the guy and girl at the table with her, were her kids, who thinks she's some evil Baby boomer who doesn't deserve her money anymore. SO they want to place her in an old folks home and gain power of attorney of her money. They can't for her to die, and they want it now.

The best tip I ever got when I did carpet was $1200 bucks for carpeting a living room for an old lady in a condo in North Miami beach. During the install, her son a NYC lawyer who just got in town, pulls up in his Beamer with wife and kids in tow. They precede to start doing a spring cleaning on her house. Pitching her life time of memories and keep sakes in the trash. She's pleading with them not to toss it out, but they would ridicule her with each plead and tell her she doesn't need it. Truth is, they probably didn't want to have to be bothered with having to come back to do it when she croaked.

The poor woman was in tears, as this guy, his wife and kids were ransacking her house pitching every thing she cherished.
They would toss it in the trash, and I would take it out and placed it in my Van.

The next day, when her son and evil family was gone, I returned and gave her all of the stuff she cried the most about. She thanked me and went to her room and came back with wad of hundreds and said...
"Here I want you to have this, if I knew how much longer I was going to be around, I'd give you a lot more."

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