Is Kerry a liar???

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From this picture it looks like.

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2   lostand confused   2013 Sep 5, 9:42pm  

The same can be said about the USA. Our NSA makes the East Germans look like amateurs. That and we throw more people in jail than any nation on earth-more than the Russians.

3   marco   2013 Sep 5, 9:44pm  

Just how much botox has this Heinz ketchup gigolo injected into his face, anyway?

4   lostand confused   2013 Sep 5, 10:07pm  

Probably the same as that old gigolo McCain who married the beer lady. They are all the same -war mongering , big corporate loving , sadistic sick freaks.

5   marco   2013 Sep 6, 12:12am  

I think Obama takes the cake as far as liars go... it took him only about 60 days after his 1st election to sell out virtually the whole public (98% of it) to his criminal Bankster masters, Wall Street oligarch thug "contributors", and the corporate militarists.

Next up ? A woman oligarch in Hillary Clinton. Oh boy... can't wait.

(An ex-lifelong Democrat here.)

6   Blurtman   2013 Sep 6, 12:18am  

Is this really all about the petro dollar, with a bit of Israel thrown in, as well?

Not sure if it matters or not, but I was surprised to learn that Kerry is actually Jewish. Now there are many Jews who are against the policies of Israel, just as there are many non-Jews who are, and there are many Jews who are not religious or political at all, but there are many Jews who are rabidly pro-Israel, more so than pro-Israel non-Jews. I can't blame a people who were almost exterminated for overreacting to ensure their survival, but after a while, it may get to be pathological.

7   FuckTheMainstreamMedia   2013 Sep 6, 12:43am  

Yes Kerry is lying. Sucks that the Russian leader has to be the one calling it. And that Iran is so emboldened that their talking heads can threaten to rape the presidents daughter. But that's what happens when you have a bunch of amatuers running the show.

8   lostand confused   2013 Sep 6, 1:02am  

Iran is just egging us on. The last two wars by the US has immensely benefited them. Sadaam and the Taliban were mortal enemies to Iran. We took them both out-so they went from a country surrounded by enemies , to a country that is very regionally powerful.

That and the two wars lowered the power and prestige of the United states. A US led war with a country that borders Israel and has its terrirory occupied by israel(Golan hts) must be like manna from heaven. It would be a gift from the gods to the mullahs who have been facing protests for more freedom from their restless populace.

The mullahs must be praying to Allah everyday that the US gets entangled in another costly endless middle east war. That will cement their power for another decade.

The more things change , the more they stay the same. Dubya the Bush -err Obama the clown-what a system we have. Apparently Obozo the clown is going to go on TV on Tuesday and give one of his patented speeches to make the case for war.

Sigh-I honestly don't know why he has embraced the Bush philosophy and made it his own. Does he have secret offshore accounts in the billions funded by the banks/defense contractors? Is he a guy who enjoys dressing up in women's lingerie and high heels and loves getting spanked and the banks/defense contractors have the video/videos of it and are blackmailing him??

9   rdm   2013 Sep 6, 4:07am  

lostand confused says

That and we throw more people in jail than any nation on earth-more than the Russians.

Two words: Pussy Riot

10   REpro   2013 Sep 6, 8:38am  

As always, example comes from the top management and goes down like a domino.

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