Patnet username proves popular in Yahoo comments

2013 Sep 10, 5:48am   2,692 views  1 comment

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Just a fun side topic amid the long rancorous threads.

You may have seen the recent article about the elite Swedish boarding school that is under investigation for extreme hazing and other human f#ckery become business as usual in their halls.

In the comments on the Yahoo article, I wrote, "By elite, I thing they mean a school for budding elite robber baron scum."

Yahoo auto-filtered the word scum of all things.

The point is, out of all my comments EVER on Yahoo, this one has struck a chord, and gets multiple thumbs up every day weeks after posting!

I haven't seen Mr. Elite Robber Baron Scum post lately, but I wanted to share, that phrase really resonated outside of this forum.


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1   Dan8267   2013 Sep 10, 7:48am  

I miss Huntington Moneyworth III, Esq. He hasn't posted in well over a year. I hope he didn't die.

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