An Antidote To Corporate Media

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Patrick.net is an online forum, a bit like Reddit, but with much more freedom of speech. Almost anything goes, but a few things don't, such as deliberately personally insulting another user, or deliberately misrepresenting what another user said.

I got the patrick.net domain name back in 1995 when I was one day too late for patrick.com. Missing the .com name turned out to be fine. I prefer the .net name now because life is all about human networks. This site was just my personal blog from 1995 to 2004.

In 2004 I started writing about the housing bubble, which catapulted the site to national fame for a while. I was interviewed on NPR, on Nightline on TV, and in other corporate media that I have since learned to recognize as poison. Here are my original the articles about the housing bubble (the dates on them are much later because I updated them):


The big housing bubble popped in 2008, and traffic fell, since it was no longer controversial to assert that we really had had a housing bubble.

About then, I decided to just let the public discuss things with each other and wrote my own forum software. I'm a programmer, so that was fun. At first I was kind of disturbed at the number of conservatives on the site, but as I discussed things with them and saw San Francisco literally turn to shit under far-left Democrats, I changed my thinking.

And yet I didn't change my thinking all that much, because once again, I'm opposing corruption of government by the oligarchy. Before, my enemy was the NAR (National Association of Realtors) and I still think they are nothing but institutionalized crime, but there are bigger fish to fry now, especially since the worldwide campaign to inject every human with a dangerous and ineffective genetic experiment, which is still not approved by the FDA. (They approved "Comirnaty", which is not available, to deceive the public.)


It’s like Pharma just backed a truck up to the Progressive Values Factory; stole everything; modified core values in order to maim people, make money, and implement global totalitarianism; and the left is just out there smoking a cigarette on the loading dock saying, “Sounds good to me.” What!? What the heck happened to the left? Is there no one remaining in that tribe who is capable of logic and reason!? Quite literally the worst industry in the world stole the left’s most cherished values and no one on the left is the slightest bit offended by this (even though they are offended by everything else)!? We live in the bizarro upside down world.

I have slowly concluded that everything progressives say they stand for causes immense pain and suffering to millions of people while funneling billions of dollars upward to the oligarchy:




I have a list of all US Congressmen as separate threads, where you are encouraged to comment on how good of a job you think they're doing:


I could go on, but you'll get the idea by reading the site.

The daily memes summarize the each day's content:


Please subscribe and share them with friends and enemies.

I have a platform of ideas for improving America: https://patrick.net/post/1303173/2017-02-19-patrick-s-platform


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23   Dan8267   2016 Jul 22, 10:49am  

Patrick says

maybe if you know css/html you can figure out a method that works and show me. you could just use the browser developer tools to change things around, or save the page and muck with it statically.

The trick is to use the @media css tag to override styles based on width breakpoints. I threw together a JS Fiddle. I've only tested it in Firefox though. No bets on I.E. I never use that browser.

24   Patrick   2016 Jul 26, 7:55am  

You can do time ranges on YouTube videos, for example:


25   Patrick   2016 Jul 26, 7:56am  

that was done with a url like this: https://www.y outube.com/v/chElHV99xak?start=53&end=59

i put the space in the url to break it so it wouldn't actually get converted.

26   Dan8267   2016 Jul 26, 8:05am  

Patrick says

You can do time ranges on YouTube videos


27   HEY YOU   2016 Jul 31, 11:51am  

I was following the first paragraph until I came to "clear critical thought."
We'll not be having any of that shit!
And apparently it's not a problem.

28   Y   2016 Jul 31, 12:31pm  

This is a major non-damning improvement...

Patrick says

You can do time ranges on YouTube videos

29   Dan8267   2016 Aug 1, 8:04am  

@Patrick, what's with all the spammers? Have they broken the captcha you are using? Maybe it's time to switch to another.

Chances are these spammers aren't targeting PatNet specifically, but rather have bots that target common platforms like PHP. Maybe a simple speed bump in which the user has to play a little "guitar hero" game with arrow keys to register a username.

30   marcus   2016 Aug 5, 2:15am  

Patrick says

If there is a bedrock principle underlying the First Amendment, it is that government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea offensive or disagreeable.

--Justice William Brennan, speaking for the majority

Maybe you should add something along the lines of:

We also have some free thinkers on this forum that understand that an idea being offensive or politically incorrect does not in and of itself make it good.

31   Patrick   2016 Aug 5, 11:40am  

spam deleted.

32   Patrick   2016 Aug 5, 11:41am  

marcus says

an idea being offensive or politically incorrect does not in and of itself make it good

also true.

33   Dan8267   2016 Aug 11, 7:31am  

Google should have a public way of hurting the page rank of spammers. If someone spams a forum, send the link to Google to reduce the advertised website's page rank. Granted, we'd have to deal with saboteurs, but the benefits would outweigh this cost.

34   Patrick   2016 Aug 11, 4:31pm  

Ah fuck. Yes, I did make some changes this morning.

Ironman says

It looks like the "quote" function isn't posting the name of the poster quoted,

Quote thing seems to work ok for me.

Please tell me which threads with long titles are not found!

35   Patrick   2016 Aug 11, 7:27pm  

OK, made a little progress. It seems to happen on Safari, but not Chrome. At least I have a starting point to look at.

36   Patrick   2016 Aug 11, 7:41pm  

Hmmm, confusing because I didn't change anything about the code that does that stuff:


37   Patrick   2016 Aug 11, 8:27pm  

OK, I think it's fixed now. Quotes should always have "(user) says" in them. Thanks for telling me about that.

Ironman says

Trying from my phone (Droid), doesn't quote the name either.

38   Patrick   2016 Aug 11, 8:48pm  

Ah yes. Also fixed as of now. Please check.

39   Patrick   2016 Aug 12, 11:07am  

@Ironman you're right.

That is also fixed now.

Please tell me more bugs and suggestions.

40   Patrick   2016 Aug 12, 2:06pm  

Ironman says

Hey wait, when did I become your technical guinea pig? :)

When you started volunteering. Thanks!

41   Patrick   2016 Sep 29, 9:56am  

If you want to write a post totally anonymously, just enter it while logged out, and when it asks for an email address put in some crap email like this@that.com. The post will go into moderation and I'll get notified that it needs approval. There's a delay for approval, but then your post is anonymous.

42   BayArea   2016 Sep 29, 10:09am  

Patrick, just curious...

What server are you using for this site?

Your own private server, third party domestic server, third party international server, Hillary's private server?

43   Patrick   2016 Sep 29, 10:40am  

It's a single virtual server on Digital Ocean. So essentially my own private server. I'm happy with them, much more pleasant to use than AWS:


44   Dan8267   2016 Sep 29, 2:28pm  

Patrick says

If you want to write a post totally anonymously, just enter it while logged out, and when it asks for an email address put in some crap email like this@that.com. The post will go into moderation and I'll get notified that it needs approval. There's a delay for approval, but then your post is anonymous.

Or just use an alt like every other troll. Do people really need more anonymity than an account not at all associated with your real identity anyway?

45   Dan8267   2016 Sep 29, 2:29pm  

Patrick says

Ironman you're right.

Name something you never hear.

46   Dan8267   2016 Sep 29, 4:14pm  

Ironman says

Dan8267 says

Name something you never hear.

CIC had sex with a human.

47   900d   2017 Jan 6, 9:31am  

Your site is being perused and critiqued by the dreg cohort of the finest e-biz board within the Web, (redacted link)

48   Booger   2017 Jan 6, 7:00pm  

Patrick says

In other words, patrick.net exists to protect offensive speech,

Fuck Yeah!

49   indigenous   2017 Jan 15, 10:36am  

If I make a new post and it drifts down the list it disappears.

IOW the posts do not appear to be in chronological order?

50   HEY YOU   2017 Jan 15, 10:42am  

Ironman says

Example: HEY YOU comes back as HEY20YOU if you click on his user name.

I'm insulted! It should be HEY100%YOU!

51   Patrick   2017 Jan 15, 11:11am  

indigenous says

If I make a new post and it drifts down the list it disappears.

IOW the posts do not appear to be in chronological order?

By default they are in chronological order of activity (creation or new comment), and you eventually have to go to the second page to see a post if no one has commented on it lately.

But there are tabs for sorting other ways: number of comments in last week, number of likes, newest post creation time.

52   indigenous   2017 Jan 15, 1:23pm  


53   justme   2017 Jan 16, 11:02am  

Has there been any discussion recently of of username histories? I do find it laborious and confusing with all the people that change their names. Another problem with changing usernames is that old posts are harder to understand since the user is now known by a different name.

Hmm, I wonder if I edit and put @patrick in after the fact, will he still get an email?

54   Patrick   2017 Jan 16, 11:07am  

Hi @justme yes, I got an email when you edited and put that in.

Should there be some limit on the ability to change usernames? It does get confusing when they get quoted under one name, but have since changed it so that the old quote and new comments appear under different names.

55   Dan8267   2017 Jan 16, 11:28am  

This site was a lot better when all of CIC's post were redirected to his goat porn collection.

56   justme   2017 Jan 16, 11:57am  

Patrick says

Should there be some limit on the ability to change usernames?

I think one username ever per email address is a good idea. By the way, are you as admin able to retrace the changes of usernames? I history of usernames on the user "homepage" is work but would be very informative.

57   Patrick   2017 Jan 16, 12:07pm  

I cannot easily trace changes of username, because the previous name is overwritten in the database when a user changes it.

It would be possible to trace some name changes by looking at quotes of user comments, but it would be a lot of work, and still not reliable because the quotes could be edited at any time. I suppose I have backups and could look at the state of the database over time, but that would also be hard.

It would be easier to create a new table of names which shows changes over time from now on. Is it worth the work?

What does gmail do? Can you change your gmail address and retain the same account?

58   anonymous   2018 Feb 2, 9:15pm  

How about just banning users who get paid to post here with manufactured talking points from organizations such as ShareBlue?
59   WookieMan   2018 Feb 2, 9:23pm  

anon_d2f7c says
How about just banning users who get paid to post here with manufactured talking points from organizations such as ShareBlue?

I just looked up ShareBlue. I don't really care about left or right. I don't believe that was your point, but who knows. I do actually agree with the sentiment though. I know it probably happens a ton, but straight up copy pasting from an article without sourcing it is not cool. I wouldn't ban these people, but if you cannot come up with original comments or commentary on an article, just stop. At some point you'll see the puppet strings attached to your fingers as you're typing.
60   anonymous   2018 Feb 2, 9:43pm  

oh no just memes is all we need to "discuss" something
61   WookieMan   2018 Feb 2, 9:46pm  

anon_4460e says
oh no just memes is all we need to "discuss" something

This is annoying too, I'll agree with that. I can't lie, some of the non-political ones are rather funny from time to time. So if plagiarizing is a 10, then memes are like a 5/6 in my book of annoyance.
62   MisdemeanorRebel   2018 Feb 13, 11:50am  

Hi Pat,

There's a comment that includes an attack on the site as a whole. I don't see an option to "Disapprove" a post.

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