An Antidote To Corporate Media

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Patrick.net is an online forum, a bit like Twitter or Reddit, but with much more freedom of speech than either of those. Almost anything goes, but a few things don't, such as deliberately personally insulting another user, or deliberately misrepresenting what another user said.

I got the patrick.net domain name back in 1995 when I was one day too late for patrick.com. Missing the .com name turned out to be fine. I prefer the .net name now because life is all about human networks. This site was just my personal blog from 1995 to 2004.

In 2004 I started writing about the housing bubble, which catapulted the site to national fame for a while. I was interviewed on NPR, on Nightline on TV, and in other corporate media that I have since learned to recognize as poison. Here are my original the articles about the housing bubble (the dates on them are much later because I updated them):


The big housing bubble popped in 2008, and traffic fell, since it was no longer controversial to assert that we really had had a housing bubble.

About then, I decided to just let the public discuss other topics with each other and wrote my own forum software. I'm a programmer, so that was fun. At first I was kind of disturbed at the number of conservatives on the site, but as I discussed things with them and saw San Francisco literally turn to shit under Democrat extremists, I changed my thinking.

And yet I didn't change my thinking all that much, because once again, I'm opposing corruption of government by the oligarchy. Before, my enemy was the NAR (National Association of Realtors) and I still think the NAR is nothing but institutionalized crime, but there are bigger fish to fry now, especially since the worldwide campaign to inject every human with a dangerous and ineffective genetic experiment, which was never approved by the FDA. (They approved "Comirnaty", which is not available, to deceive the public.)


It’s like Pharma just backed a truck up to the Progressive Values Factory; stole everything; modified core values in order to maim people, make money, and implement global totalitarianism; and the left is just out there smoking a cigarette on the loading dock saying, “Sounds good to me.” What!? What the heck happened to the left? Is there no one remaining in that tribe who is capable of logic and reason!? Quite literally the worst industry in the world stole the left’s most cherished values and no one on the left is the slightest bit offended by this (even though they are offended by everything else)!? We live in the bizarro upside down world.

I could go on, but you'll get the idea by reading the site.

I have a platform of ideas for improving America: https://patrick.net/post/1303173/2017-02-19-patrick-s-platform

And an explanation for how we got to this point.

Site Rules

1. Do not deliberately insult the other users personally.
2. Do not deliberately insult the site. It's free to use and does not even have ads.
3. Do not misquote people.
4. Do not post porn except in the tits thread. No actual sex and no homo porn please.
5. If you feel you must post racist or anti-semitic jokes, please put them in the political incorrectness thread.
6. Do not post illegal content, unless the US law making the content illegal is itself clearly unconstitutional. In that case, please do post it!
7. Do not threaten another user with violence or you will be quickly and permanently banned.
8. Do not post spam.
9. Do not promote the obviously ineffective and very dangerous toxxine. Millions have died from it, far more than from the virus.

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If you're suspicious that comments are flagged for political reasons, note that you can actually see any flagged comment in the html source of that page. Use "View Source" in your browser. Yes, it's inconvenient, but that's deliberate, to keep those comments out of the conversation stream.

Please use this effective debate technique:
1. State your opponent's position so that he agrees with it 100%. This is so that you argue against what your opponent is really saying.
2. State points of agreement, and anything you learned from your opponent.
3. Give your reasoning for why your opponent is mistaken.
4. Make it clear that you are attacking only the point and not the person.

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I also have a list of all US Congressmen as separate threads, where you are encouraged to comment on how good of a job you think they're doing:


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553   Patrick   2021 Jul 20, 11:37pm  


Most tribal disagreements on here result from Word Thinking (Credit: @ScottAdamsSays).

"This word means that, and that's bad!"

"No, it means this, and that's good!"

See this everywhere.
556   RWSGFY   2021 Aug 3, 7:43am  

zzyzzx says

RNZ is their NPR.
560   TrueLightEssence   2021 Sep 26, 9:57am  

original link
Dear Patrick,
May I share this heart call?
I have a small bitchute channel: 'Searching For The Evidence'.
My aim is to protect the vulnerable.
Timing is critical...We must make a stand.
With Love, Claire
561   charlie303   2021 Dec 16, 8:04am  

sjmoca2 says
Serious question for @Patrick and the followers of this forum.

Why did @Patrick censor the 'sjmoca' account by banning, when they did not break any forum rules? This forum purports to be a space to discuss ideas and disagree without insults. Patrick insulted 'sjmoca' by calling him a pharma shill, and then censored them by banning - seemingly only for posting data, ideas, or questions that Patrick personally disagrees with.

It's Okay for you to be offended Patrick. It's not Okay, by your own rules, to censor those who disagree with you.

because you are a bullshitter.

no links, no sources cited, no references, no nuanced debate, no reason, no rational discourse
just looking to troll

a waste of electrons flying around the interwebs

562   Patrick   2022 Apr 12, 9:15pm  


consider the structure of the question being posed and the assumptions therein, because they will seek to skip steps and occlude what’s being done and they will blow it by you because you happen to like the outcome so you won’t think about it too hard or bother to fight.

they will pick the least sympathetic case to get the ball rolling.

after all, who’s going to stand up for some neo nazis?

well, you should, and here’s why: sure they may be odious and you may disagree violently with them, but an assault on their speech is an assault on everyone’s speech, yours included.

the price of your own free speech is listening to others say things you absolutely hate. if you are not willing to do this, you neither deserve nor will you retain your own right of speech.

no one ever said it was easy, only that it was just and fair.

it is precisely because you will not stand up for the right to hateful speech that they are able to take your free speech away. then, one day, you try to protest a school board for muzzling your children in class and they silence you, bar you from discourse, and, in all too predictable fashion, brand you as a fascist and a nazi and as a domestic terrorist. (and yes, this really happened)

and it was your fault. you walked into it and let them set up the trap by changing the framing from rights to privileges. you failed to defend nazi speech and thereby lost your own. we all did (or enough did that the rest got run over)
563   AmericanKulak   2022 Apr 19, 9:35am  

@Patrick, can I suggest all appearances of "Pedo" and "Pedophile" and "Pedophilia" be replaced with "Disney"?
564   Patrick   2022 Apr 19, 10:13am  

Lol, I could do that.

OK, done for new comments and posts.

565   richwicks   2022 Apr 19, 10:18am  

Patrick says
Lol, I could do that.

OK, done for new comments and posts.


If you are going to do that, can I suggest that you make it so that when the cursor hovers over the world "disney" the original word is shown?
566   Patrick   2022 Apr 19, 10:34am  

@richwicks OK, done.
567   richwicks   2022 Apr 19, 10:37am  

Patrick says
@richwicks OK, done.

Well, let's test it - a lot of Disney">Disneys work for Disney, in fact many pedophiles are upper level executives. Jean-Luc Brunel was a pedophile who worked with Jeffrey Epstein, Les Wexner, and Ghislaine Maxwell. He was Epsteined himself in a Paris prison while he was awaiting trial. Video evidence was again destroyed.

It missed the 2nd one.

Les Wexner is the billionaire of Victoria Secrets.
568   Patrick   2022 Apr 19, 10:46am  

Ah, need to make that a global match and replace, thanks.

And need to account for plural.
569   richwicks   2022 Apr 19, 10:49am  

If you ever want to setup a virtual machine to mirror this site, you know I can help.

Should be easy to clone your setup. Email won't work, but it doesn't need to.
570   Patrick   2022 Apr 19, 10:54am  

Ah, the tooltip itself was getting replaced, ugh.

Just going to replace with plain "Disney" text for now.
571   richwicks   2022 Apr 19, 11:15am  

Patrick says
Ah, the tooltip itself was getting replaced, ugh.

Just going to replace with plain "Disney" text for now.

I don't know what the tooltip looks like (html pretty bad now) - but if you could do a match on the tooltip and make that an exception..

I'll screw around with it this weekend. You're using PHP? Guess I'll learn that instead of doing it in perl.
572   Patrick   2022 Apr 19, 11:17am  

No php, it's all javascript (node).
574   AmericanKulak   2022 Apr 19, 11:32am  

Thanks, @Patrick, and good idea to cursor over, @richwicks.
575   Patrick   2022 Apr 19, 11:57am  

richwicks says

I could do it, but it gets a little nasty to say "match of all of these strings but not if they are in quotes".

Also, it might be confusing since, since I have to make it a link which goes nowhere, and the tooltip itself depends on holding the mouse over the ineffective link for some amount of time. Or maybe it can be done inside a span tag, but the tooltip delay is still going make it non-obvious.
576   Onvacation   2022 Apr 19, 11:12pm  

Disneys are fucked up
577   richwicks   2022 Apr 19, 11:17pm  

Patrick says
I could do it, but it gets a little nasty to say "match of all of these strings but not if they are in quotes".

Here's how I'd handle it in perl with a line:

$line =~ s/\"Disney\"/A_String_Youd_Never_See_sdj2m89amJx/g;
$line =~ s/Disney/disney/g;
$line =~ s/A_String_Youd_Never_See_sdj2m89amJx/\"Disney\"/g;

I use this trick quite often when doing weird substitutions. Perl is smart enough to optimize itself and realize what I'm "intending" to do.
578   Patrick   2022 Apr 22, 7:22pm  

DooDahMan says
“I’d rather rent and invest the money I didn’t put down for the down payment, home insurance, property tax, all of the other costs and make 7%-10% in the stock market

Thanks @DooDahMan that has definitely been my philosophy.

I'm grateful that my wife went along with it. I think most guys get a lot of pressure to get deeply into debt.
579   Patrick   2022 Apr 27, 12:28pm  

I broke some things about linkification and automatically inserting images.

Working on a fix now.
580   Patrick   2022 Apr 27, 2:10pm  

OK, I fixed it.

Please let me know if other problems.
581   Patrick   2022 Apr 28, 1:42pm  

Sorry if you couldn't get to the site for a few seconds. I changed the deployment script to use "reload" instead of "restart":


Now I should be able to deploy new code with almost zero downtime. In theory it's zero, but I did see one 500 error during a test deploy, so I guess it's not perfect.
583   Patrick   2022 May 10, 4:03pm  

I reworked some of the code, in particular comment pagination.

You all shouldn't notice much of a difference, but let me know if something is broken. Make a comment here or write p@patrick.net
584   AmericanKulak   2022 May 17, 8:50am  

@Patrick, when I start a new post, and try to upload an image, it refreshes the page. This also happened last night.

I just posted a picture to non-new thread, and it was no problem. That was Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette discussing how Jan 6th Rally was fun.
585   Patrick   2022 May 17, 10:02am  

@AmericanKulak Thanks for telling me.

I think I fixed it, please try again now.
586   PMack   2022 May 17, 10:22am  

The Antidote is to turn to the Word of God.
587   stereotomy   2022 Jun 2, 3:29am  

What is with all the p3nor spammers?
588   Patrick   2022 Jun 26, 9:19pm  

I learned a new term today:

In philosophy and rhetoric, eristic (from Eris, the ancient Greek goddess of chaos, strife, and discord) refers to an argument that aims to successfully dispute another's argument, rather than searching for truth. According to T.H. Irwin, "It is characteristic of the eristic to think of some arguments as a way of defeating the other side, by showing that an opponent must assent to the negation of what he initially took himself to believe."[1] Eristic is arguing for the sake of conflict, as opposed to resolving conflict.[2]

It seems that trollery has always been with us.
589   GreaterNYCDude   2022 Jul 25, 4:58pm  

I'm down to try this.
590   Patrick   2022 Jul 25, 5:07pm  


Try tipping someone else a cent, just for kicks. I know you can afford it now that I've tipped you a dime!
591   Patrick   2022 Jul 25, 5:41pm  

Careful about copyright. I think if you earn any money off of copyrighted material, the owner could come after you.
592   GreaterNYCDude   2022 Aug 16, 8:26pm  

Love this idea. I've started working on a post or two that will be pay to view. Taking my time to ensure my take is original, well written and hopefully worth the price of admission. Should have them up by this weekend.

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