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Why there are less homeowners out there.

By Nobody follow Nobody   2015 Apr 28, 2:01pm 999 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Homeownership rate lowest in 25 years

Nobody seems to understand the simple math here. If less people owns multiple homes, of course, it will lower the home ownership rate. Thanks to Bush and Obama administration as well as Feds for trying to save the rich by giving them the free money by QE and perks and tax benefits. Now, these 1% got more money and more properties; they are hoarding. It is human nature to hoard. That's why you don't see that many properties on the market.

The QE has put the squeeze on the middle class by inflating the price of commodities. Whatever we paid at the gasoline stand and every where went to fattening the 1%. so they can buy up the properties that lost its value from the idiot middle class. Now, the QE is ending, the price of oil is coming down, and the middle class can spend their money on something else. This will improve our economy. Also, the money that went for overseas investment is coming back to US. This will further improve the US economy. We are already in the full swing of better economy. (Sorry, if you were in the oil industry. You are an exception.) You feel good, and you want to spend your extra money. That's what the 1% wants you to do. Do not spend. Save. Once again, save now, when you can. Now the dynamic of the housing market is different. So the housing market is not going to crash for a while. I don't see any sign of trouble yet. Only thing that is scaring me is the high price of housing. But like I said, the dynamic is different. The 1% will hold onto their real estate investment. They will continue to squeeze the middle class by renting their properties. Do not go for the extravagant apartment. Be frugal. Every dollar counts for the impending disaster.

When the crash happens, invest in oil. That is if we have a Republican president. If not, invest in the biotech or medical industry. You gotta be in the mindset of the 1%. Or you will always be the middle class that the 1% can look to squeeze.


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