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Interesting Apple article - what do you think?

By anotheraccount follow anotheraccount   2015 Apr 30, 11:25am 2,022 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    


First, boycott Apple products. If you buy an Android phone you can take comfort in knowing that some of that money comes back to the US via Google, which does a lot to support the US economy. Second, let’s encourage Congress to close the tax loopholes that let companies like Apple hide from taxes. Third, don’t support a one-off tax moratorium on cash brought in from offshore. These companies are dying to bring the money back anyway. They dodged taxes to get it offshore, and now they want to continue dodging them to bring it back? No way.

Is this written by someone from Google or are the points in the article valid?

1   Bellingham Bill   ignore (5)   2015 Apr 30, 1:01pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Very valid as far as Apple goes.


Corporations are by definition anti-social machines that reward those who thieve the best. "Limited Liability", bitch!

And, while not theft per se, Apple's rise with the iPhone product cycle is just as monstrously vampiric on the paycheck economy as what Walmat has been doing to the country.

Apple's offshoring didn't matter when the company was selling a million or two Macs a quarter, but now it's got its hooks so deep into the personal communications space, the record profits it's booking each quarter is essentially money from the middle class that the middle class ain't going to see as wages again.

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