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Arkansas Cops Hunt Man Seen Masturbating Outside Kum & Go Convenience Store

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Arkansas cops are seeking the publics assistance in identifying a pantsless man who was spotted Thursday afternoon masturbating next to a truck outside, of course, a Kum & Go convenience store. According to police in Springdale, Witnesses reported seeing a white male standing next to a Ford Ranger truck. Callers stated that the male did not have any pants on and appeared to be masturbating. One witness snapped a photo of the man, who realized he was being watched and quickly left the area. It is unclear whether the man completed the act before departing. The image of the Kum...


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it's the Kum&Go, he Kame and Went, what's the biggie?

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Quite a social faux pas. According to Miss Manners, "A gentleman will always consider proper attire when accessing his manhood in public for the purpose of self pleasure. Regional decorum may also call for the shouting of a warning to possible onlookers."

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