Bobby Jindal - Fuck That Puto

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But, the general distaste for Jindal isn't just about identity politics, it's also ideology.

"Bobby is very very very conservative, and over time he's just gotten more and more conservative," said Sanjay Puri with USINPAC. "(The) Indian-American community's not. They're a fiscally conservative, socially liberal community."

Research shows Indian Americans are the most heavily Democratic Asian group in the country.

Karthick Ramakrishnan, a public policy professor at University of California Riverside, recently surveyed a group of 150 Indian-American elites, and found that the Indian community's disappointment with Jindal is about more than policy disagreements.

"What we found is that Bobby Jindal had among the lowest approval ratings of all the Republican candidates," said Ramakrishnan. "They felt that he was inauthentic, that he was trying to run away from his identity and he was embarrassed about being Indian.

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1   MMR   2015 Nov 19, 10:44pm  


I would rather have Apu run for President than Bobby Jindal. More integrity, while also controlled by white men. -Hari Kondabolu via twitter

#BobbyJindal is running for President - I personally know of 0 South Asian Americans excited by this announcement. -Wajahat Ali via twitter

I guess I'm ahead of my time;

Back in 1996, every Indian student at Emory had a hard-on for this guy and were salivating to see this jagoff speak. I thought this guy is a phony back then when I heard that changed his religion to Catholicism in high school and his name from Piyush to Bobby. Needless to say I didn't go.

2   MMR   2015 Nov 19, 10:50pm  

U might be a #Jindian if u r the son of immigrants who is anti-immigrant. -Aasif Mandvi via Twitter

Bobby Jindal went to Brown University, but it made him EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE. - Hari Kondabolu via twitter

#BobbyJindal makes history as the first former Indian American to run for President - Priyanka Mantha via twitter

3   MMR   2015 Nov 19, 10:51pm  

According to research by the Center for American Progress and AAPI Data, 84 percent of Indian Americans and 68 percent of Asian Americans voted for Obama in the last election. Although 47 percent of Asian Americans do not identify with any political party, Asian American voters tend to vote according to issues, and the issues important to them include jobs and the economy, national security, gun control, and health care.

4   MMR   2015 Nov 19, 10:54pm  

"In his announcement speech, he appeared to some Indians distance himself from his Indian roots."

Indian Americans, as a group are easily duped if they couldn't see this 20 years ago when he changed his name and religion


5   Tenpoundbass   2015 Nov 20, 6:23am  

How gives a crap he was no match for Donald's hair.

6   Y   2015 Nov 20, 6:28am  

what did ya expect when you gave him a swamp state to run??

MMR says

Indian Americans, as a group are easily duped if they couldn't see this 20 years ago when he changed his name and religion

7   MisdemeanorRebel   2015 Nov 20, 6:59am  

Growing up in the NYC Area, we went to the Museum of Natural History in the 3rd or 4th Grade.

We got to the "Indian" section, and I saw this:

I was like, "Ms. D'Amato, this is not Ganesha!?"

Because my parents worked at SUNY, so all the "Indians" we ever had over for dinner were from India, and my 2nd Grade friends were all India Indians. So I was like "What the F**k is this?"

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