Syrian refugee family to benefit from couple cancelling big wedding -

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Give these guys the Nobel Peace Prize -freaking saints!


Relevant comments:

"We have homeless Canadians, Canadians living from food banks, Canadians without a family doctor, Canadian seniors living in poverty and Canadian kids going to school hungry. Where is your priority?" - Translation: fuck them

"Can always count on good ol CBC to push their agendas into what they feel is newsworthy" - Not a single critical comment on their website lol

"Have they ever donated and helped a Canadian family in need? How about sponsoring a family at Christmas who can't afford presents for their children or have the money for a traditional Christmas supper, or how about donating time and money to their local food banks?" -

"In Calgary, Alberta some people have donated close to $7,000 for a Syrian family who have come recently as refugees to live in. Some kind people who have donated the money have suggested, the so called 'refugees', that in Canada we have many places where you can manage to purchase the fairly good second hand clothes, for a very reasonable prices. ( such as Value Village, Community Charitable clothing stores etc.) To every ones amaze, the Syrian people have already declared that 'they don't wear the second hand clothes? OK, so the compassionate Canadians Beware, we ourselves go to second hand clothing stores and may buy our products. But those Syrian refugees who will come to Canada will be demanding to be provided with New items ONLY. Syria is close to so many 'Arabic' countries, but they try hard to come all the way to far end lands like Canada. NO WONDER THIS CANADA IS NOW CALLED THE " FOOLS PARADISE" - No second hand clothes for these 'war torn', 'battle-tested' refugees

"The phrase "Trojan Horse" comes to mind! regarding the age old tactic for getting the enemy across the border and into the territory that they are going to take over. History repeats itself over and over and in this case white people took something that wasn't their to take about 400 years ago and now what's even stupider is to actually be giving away something that wasn't theirs in the first place. This to a group of people that have the obvious philosophy that if you can't weed them out then you breed them out, just like that of 400 years ago, history repeating itself"

"How come no one is as interested in donating their money and eliminating the poverty that exists with our first nations people. Look at all the homeless people on our streets why don't people donate to those causes and help out Canadians first. When we solve all of our problems then we can maybe look at the rest of the world." - Media doesn't give a fuck about aboriginal people; people that fall for this crap are partisan hacks, that's why

"why are they not fighting for their own homeland, are they cowards or what, they look well fed and abled bodied men, with nary a woman or child among them, what did they do leave their children to fight Isis in their own country, would it not be easier for Canada to go over there and help fight Isis. but then I think Trudeau is following in Obama's footsteps and not even fighting Isis as Russia says Obama misses the target everytime."

"I bet in ten years time the bride will be asking the media to help find her children when the husband divorced her and takes the kids to the middle east and never returned."

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1   MisdemeanorRebel   2015 Nov 20, 10:37am  

Love it, another great MSM Manipulation/Virtue Signalling.

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