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Why it is time for a Trump revolution

By lostand confused follow lostand confused   2016 Mar 21, 4:45am 2,030 views   5 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

Trump is the only way to defend our democracy. In other words, those troublesome voters are the problem. A New York Times columnist raised the prospect of assassination. Sure, it was a joke. Make that joke about Obama or Clinton and see who laughs. I would be delighted to support a more conventional candidate who has Trumps courage and appeal, but we dont always get to pick our revolutionaries. And make no mistake, Donald Trump is leading a political revolution that is long overdue.

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Which leaves only Donald J. Trump. He’s weird, erratic and I have no idea what he will say or do next. His nasty put-downs of rivals and journalists, especially Megyn Kelly, diminish him. His policies are as detailed as bumper stickers and his lack of knowledge about complex issues scares me.

If he weren’t the GOP front-runner, the gaps in his game would make it easy to dismiss him. But dismissing him requires dismissing the concerns of the 7.5 million people who have voted for him. That I can’t do.

My gut tells me much of the contempt for Trump reflects contempt for his working-class white support. It is one prejudice gentry liberals and gentry conservatives share.

Translasion: I don't like him, but can't dismiss him, because others like him. This interestingly is one of Trump's favorite persuasion techniques (social proof). "Everybody says I did great! Everybody says I won that debate!" If people have contempt for a guy that scares me due to his nasty schoolboy demeanor and lack of policy ideas, it must be because they have contempt for working-class white people. Crazy.

I grew up in a working class white town, and have compassion for people who live there. My parents still do live there by choice. I have zero contempt for them. But, there were racists there, and rather than moving forward, Trump stirs up racist feelings across the board.

In fact, many who despise Trump concede he is right that globalization and the open-border flood of cheap labor, while benefitting many Americans, has hurt many others. But instead of working to fix a broken status quo, many on the left and right echo each other’s venomous attacks against him.

I concede that he is partially right on this issue, but think he vastly overestimates the problems with trade and underestimates the aspect of manufacturing efficiency, which is the bulk of the reason for a lack of manufacturing and farming jobs. In my opinion, voting for Trump would be setting us back culturally over an issue (Trade) that is understood to vote for a guy who doesn't know how to fix the problem.

In my opinion, Democrats could do more for the poor if they weren't obstructed by Republicans. Democrats can't win control of the government, because the religious people in our country think that Democrats are evil, mostly for social reasons. The Republican party caters to the religious and the elite. This used to be enough for less wealthy white people, b/c they weren't at poverty levels. After 35 years of Republican and centrist Democrat control, the middle class blue collar white people are now in borderline poverty. Trump

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It already is, they think the convention is going to be a Romney fest.
There will be 5 Trump supporters for every 1 RINO trying to rob America of our selected Repbulican candidate.

The revolution might start at that damn convention. Tread lightly assholes, tread lightly.

3   NoCoupForYou   ignore (5)   2016 Mar 21, 8:16am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

"To defend democracy, we have to suppress voting, and if that's not possible, suppress democracy and replace with elite guidance." - Neoliberalism/Neoconservatism.

Every "democracy" the West has tried to impose has ended up either completely getting away from them (Iraq under al-Maliki, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt), or being a pastiche Democracy with Oligarchs pulling the strings with a lead Oligarch as President/PM (Ukraine, Afghanistan under Karzai, Iraq under Chalabi).

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lostand confused says

Trump is the only way to defend our democracy.

So the U.S. government running a torture center for 15 years, spying on American citizens, and deliberately assassinating Americans including children was not a threat to our democracy, but Trump losing the election would destroy it? I'll never understand conservative "logic".

Still, there may be an element of truth there. If Trump wins the election, he may very well destroy the Republican Party once and for all.

Soon the Republicans will be destroyed and young Tumpwalker will be one of us.

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thunderlips11 says

or being a pastiche Democracy with Oligarchs pulling the strings with a lead Oligarch as President/PM (Ukraine, Afghanistan under Karzai, Iraq under Chalabi).

Including America.

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