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Investigation - Troll was murdered in 1985

By dublin hillz follow dublin hillz   2016 Apr 25, 10:35am 609 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    


"General arrives in the nick of time to save Amanda, and again battles the troll, causing a great deal of noise. Knowing that he is no match for the cat, the small creature tries to flee. But General cuts off the troll's escape route by knocking down a thick hardcover storybook, covering the wall hole. Grabbing on to a bunch of mylar balloons, the troll tries to float out of the furious cat's reach, landing on Amanda's record player. The quick witted tomcat then uses the record player to hurl the troll into a box fan, slicing it to bits. The ruckus awakens Amanda's parents, who are initially prevented by the blocked door from reaching her. Once they break into her room, the girl explains to them that General saved her from the troll. The parents are at first unwilling to believe the story until parts of the troll's dismembered corpse are discovered, as well as the tiny dagger that caused General's wound. Amanda uses the justification that General will keep her safe in case others like her first assailant appear, and General is allowed to stay inside at night to act as a protector for Amanda. The valiant tomcat finally has a loving home."

And the motherfucker would have stayed dead was it not for world wide web...


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