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Elvis Thread

By The Original Bankster follow The Original Bankster   2016 Aug 18, 11:00pm 1,065 views  3 comments           share      

any elvis fans here?

#elvis #music

1   DooDahMan   2022 Jun 22, 3:44pm  

Was there anything real about Elvis Presley?

In the trailer to Luhrmann’s biopic, a version of this back-and-forth plays out: Elvis, portrayed by Austin Butler, says to the camera, “I’ve got to get back to who I really am.” Two frames later, Dacre Montgomery, playing Binder, asks, “And who are you, Elvis?”

Presley never wrote a memoir. Nor did he keep a diary. Once, when informed of a potential biography in the works, he expressed doubt that there was even a story to tell. Over the years, he had submitted to numerous interviews and press conferences, but the quality of these exchanges was erratic, frequently characterized by superficial answers to even shallower questions.

His music could have been a window into his inner life, but since he wasn’t a songwriter, his material depended on the words of others. Even the rare revelatory gems – songs like “If I Can Dream,” “Separate Ways” or “My Way” – didn’t fully penetrate the veil shrouding the man.

Binder’s philosophical inquiry, then, was not merely philosophical. Countless fans and scholars have long wanted to know: Who was Elvis, really?

A barometer for the nation

More: https://theconversation.com/was-there-anything-real-about-elvis-presley-184902
2   Tenpoundbass   2022 Jun 26, 2:07pm  

I was a fan of Elvis even on my 10th birthday. I was expecting a party with my school friends attending and the "Burning Love" LP to play on our record player.
But by the time 6pm rolled around we started getting calls from my schoolmates folks saying they wont be attending, because they were home morning Elvis and watching it on the 24hour news coverage. That event was probably the first continuous news coverage for an event in America. Nothing like it until 9-11 happened. I remember around the clock coverage from the moment he died, to days later live viewing of the Funeral procession.

Who ever wrote the article in the post above is a Propaganda Commie knucklehead. Hellbent on further eroding Americana and American culture.

Elvis was never considered a poet or a lyricist, not EVER! For that dissentious cock sucker to sit there and inject it into some reasoning that if Elvis was real or not, is how AOC writes policy. She Tweeted a call for action today, and put "ect." as an actual action item bullet point, after a short list of Commie Honey do items. That's democrat's whole platform right there, "Etcetera"

Elvis was known for his golden voice, he was the very first cross over performer in America. He was loved by Religious wholesome families, Old school Teddy Boys in the UK, Punk Rockers abroad, anyone with a decent Vinyl collection had an Elvis album or two, no matter how old they were. He did Country, Jazz standards, Gospel and Rock n Roll, as well as Folk and Traditional, Elvis was real, I knew people from Memphis and their family member went to school with him.

Elvis is never covered, because he didn't write any songs, but he's the most impersonated Artist ever.
3   Tenpoundbass   2022 Jun 26, 2:11pm  

The man was a whole genre in himself, beat that!

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