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1   Sharingmyintelligencewiththedumbasses   ignore (0)   2016 Sep 30, 9:45pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

I loved the show when he called in, and called the venezuelan girl fat several times. Watching the ackwardness on fox news panel was hilarious! when you manage to be such a rude mysoginst ass that even fox news feels commentators don't know what to say!

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Sharingmyintelligencewiththedumbasses says

I loved the show when he called in

I'm grief-stricken that I missed it. Did he say his name was "John Baron" or "John Miller" or "Big Orange Cock of Larger Than Average Size Whose Many Wives Scream With Howls of Painful Pleasure When I Fuck Them"?

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