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Putin's mastermind - Alexander Dugin

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"The core idea of this is that “liberalism” (by which Dugin means the entire Western consensus) represents an assault on the traditional hierarchical organization of the world. Repeating the ideas of Nazi theorists Karl Haushofer, Rudolf Hess, Carl Schmitt, and Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, Dugin says that this liberal threat is not new, but is the ideology of the maritime-cosmopolitan power “Atlantis,” which has conspired to subvert more conservative land-based societies since ancient times. Accordingly he has written books in which he has reconstructed the entire history of the world as a continuous battle between these two factions, from Rome vs. Carthage to Russia vs. the Anglo-Saxon “Atlantic Order” today. If it is to win its fight against the subversive oceanic bearers of such “racist” (because foreign imposed) ideas as human rights, Russia must unite around itself all the continental powers, including Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet republics, Turkey, Iran, and Korea, into grand Eurasian Union strong enough to defeat the West. In order to be so united “from Lisbon to Vladivostok,” this Eurasian Union will need a defining ideology, and for this purpose Dugin has developed a new “Fourth Political Theory” combining all the strongest points of Communism, Nazism, Ecologism, and Traditionalism, thereby allowing it to appeal to the adherents of all of these diverse anti-liberal creeds. He would adopt Communism’s opposition to free enterprise. However, he would drop the Marxist commitment to technological progress, a liberal-derived ideal, in favor of Ecologism’s demagogic appeal to stop the advance of industry and modernity. From Traditionalism, he derives a justification for stopping free thought. All the rest is straight out of Nazism, ranging from legal theories justifying unlimited state power and the elimination of individual rights, to the need for populations “rooted” in the soil, to weird gnostic ideas about the secret origin of the Aryan race in the North Pole. What Russia needs, says Dugin, is a “genuine, true, radically revolutionary and consistent, fascist fascism.” On the other hand, “Liberalism, is an absolute evil. . . . Only a global crusade against the U.S., the West, globalization, and their political-ideological expression, liberalism, is capable of becoming an adequate response. . . . The American empire should be destroyed.”

"This is the ideology behind the Putin regime’s “Eurasian Union” project. It is to this dark program, which threatens not only the prospects for freedom in Ukraine and Russia, but the peace of the world, that former Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych tried to sell “his” country. It is against this program that the courageous protesters in the Maidan took their stand and — with scandalously little help from the West — somehow miraculously prevailed. It is on behalf of this program that the Putin regime has created a bloodbath in eastern Ukraine, which, following Dugin, it now terms “New Russia.” It is on behalf of this program that Dugin, with massive support from the Russian government, has organized a fascist international of European fringe parties, and on behalf of this program that the Quislings leading those parties are willing to betray their nations to Kremlin domination. Without Ukraine, Dugin’s fascist Eurasian Union project is impossible, and sooner or later Russia itself will have join the West and become free, leaving only a few despised and doomed islands of tyranny around the globe. But with Ukraine underfoot, the Eurasianist program can and will proceed, and a new iron curtain will fall into place imprisoning a large fraction of humanity in the grip of a monstrous totalitarian power that will become the arsenal of evil around the world for decades to come. That means another cold war, trillions of dollars wasted on arms, accelerated growth of the national-security state at home, repeated proxy conflicts costing millions of lives abroad, and civilization itself placed at risk should a single misstep in the endless insane great-power game precipitate the locked and loaded confrontation into a thermonuclear exchange."


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Newsflash: Military Industrial Complex Employee becomes overnight Foreign Relations Expert, wants big Aerospace Funding, exaggerates Threat.

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Thunderlips Russian Agent 0069 says

Newsflash: Military Industrial Complex Employee becomes overnight Foreign Relations Expert, wants big Aerospace Funding, exaggerates Threat.

There are tons of articles on the internet regarding Dugin, his Fourth Political Theory, his influence on Putin (not to mention him being an inspiration to certain "groups."). His views are hell bent on anti liberalism, anti modernity and pro "tradition." His writings on a perpetual war between land based powers (represented by russia) and sea based powers (represented by U.S.) are extremely apocalyptic. It seems that this movement emerged from old school slavophiles, in fact he probably looks like dostoevsky for a reason. His criticism of the "west" which is basically America, is very comparable to writings of Muslim "scholars."

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Yep, and they're all written by MIC and Gulf State funded think tanks. There is nothing directly linking Dugin to the Putin Administration. Indeed, for a Putin favorite, he's lost his job at Moscow State, had to form a splinter group from a party that already doesn't poll 1% support, and has criticized Putin for being "too weak" in the press.

He is basically in an extreme David Duke figure, with no official standing and very little popular support.

His promotion in the National Review and other Neocon Outlets, sometimes successfully smuggled into the Mainstream Press, is to make some kind of connection between Dugin and Putin that doesn't exist.

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Thunderlips Russian Agent 0069 says

Newsflash: Military Industrial Complex Employee becomes overnight Foreign Relations Expert, wants big Aerospace Funding, exaggerates Threat.

Russia is a small nation, population wise. There are a lot of racists and fascists in Russia. However, Putin does not appear to have a racist policy, but has a policy against gays. There are likely more fascists in the Ukraine. You may be interested in knowing, Thunderlips. that Ihor Kolomoyskyi is a lot like Trump. He is a billionaire. But he is a dual Israeli/Ukraine citizen who seeks to fuse right wing Nazi types and Jewish people to fight all Muslims.

So far, the Jews have resisted his madness. Trump is backed by Sheldon Adelson but his Rothbardian ideas excludes Jews. Even Rothbard didn't like Jews and he was Jewish! http://www.examplesofglobalization.com/2016/10/donald-trump-murray-rothbard-and-zionism.html

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Putin doesn't need some extremist and idealistic intellectual. He is doing well by himself.

He knows he can't win a military fight but he keeps pounding the US in its soft underbelly: through propaganda.

Just read zerohedge, one of its better known outlet:
- systematically discredit US institutions, and officials. (in particular Federal Reserve, voting system etc...)
- put corruption - and other elite abuses - on display
- tell the truth when the establishment is lying.
- portrait the mainstream media as fundamentally dishonest.
- portrait government officials as either idiots or extremely dishonest
- portrait the country as on the verge of catastrophic collapse.
- Project a general sense of chaos.

The election gave him the opportunity to discredit the voting system itself with the help of Americans themselves:
- Trump refusing to accept in advance the results and claiming the election is rigged.
- The democrats saying the Russians are trying to hack voting machines. By saying that, they ironically indirectly help Putin by giving a sense that the results may have been tempered with, and maybe the winner cheated. Some Americans will believe this regardless and see the results as illegitimate.

All this wouldn't happen to the same level, if the elite was seen as fundamentally acting in the best interest of the country and if the public had good information about things happening.

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