Will they take out Trump like they supposedly did Kennedy?

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2017 Jan 12, 4:07pm   12,517 views  45 comments

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Trump seems to piss off everyone. I really like the guy, but dang, he's really pushing their buttons and it makes me nervous.

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12   Rew   2017 Jan 12, 7:04pm  

Tenpoundbass says

You can probably count on one hand the amount of people left over from Obama's admin or Bush Sr left in the Justice departments or in the CIA they will be cleared out right away.
Most of them put on watch lists.


13   Shaman   2017 Jan 12, 7:05pm  

This is why he's taken on three GOldman Sachs boys, a captain of industry, and a few others people aren't sure about. It's to help the wealthy who might be able to fund an assassination to relax and back off. After all, assassins of POTUS level caliber don't come cheap. So unless you can get one hell of a patsy, it's going to be tough to find someone to do the job.

14   OneTwo   2017 Jan 12, 7:28pm  

Ironman says


Pretty much everything Trump says and does.

15   Blurtman   2017 Jan 12, 7:31pm  

Quigley says

This is why he's taken on three GOldman Sachs boys,

Pence would have to go as well. Then a state of emergency with the unprecedented appointment of the next president.

16   Tenpoundbass   2017 Jan 12, 7:32pm  

Rew says


They leaked a Fake Story to CNN Yesterday and Trump busted them for it.
One simply does not do that to Trump and not get FIRED.

17   Strategist   2017 Jan 12, 7:34pm  

Rew says


Ironman says

Rew says

finally realize what an outclassed buffoon he is.


Rashomon says

Ironman says


Pretty much everything Trump says and does.

he he he

18   Tenpoundbass   2017 Jan 12, 7:37pm  

Also let's not forget Trump has plenty of Veterans capable of replacing them all.
He did promise to take care of them.

19   Patrick   2017 Jan 12, 8:24pm  

I'm afraid it actually is fairly likely that the established powers will try to have Trump whacked so they can continue with their globalist agenda unimpeded by silly things like nations and borders.

But he is quite a paranoid asshole thank God, so I'm sure he's taking countermeasures.

20   anonymous   2017 Jan 12, 8:30pm  

T L Lipsovich says

I actually think they're all sloppy and on the back foot because they never expected any of this to happen.

that's a fact. they are very unprepared to succeed with this new administration, because they have spent the last 5 years concentrating on efficiency cost cutting and promoting people (especially women) of color without any merit.

21   RealEstateIsBetterThanStocks   2017 Jan 12, 9:26pm  

JFK was assassinated because the industrial complex was able to buy LBJ to cover up and go 180 on the war.

Mike P can't be bought. we'r talking about Trump's team here, not a typical Democrat administration.

22   Tenpoundbass   2017 Jan 13, 8:42am  


Donald Trump’s presidential limousinewill be equipped with a tear gas cannon, shotgun, and even bottles of the President-elect’s blood type, according to multiple reports.

He's got the Apocalypse Fuck edition Cadillac, he'll be fine.

I'm beginning to think it's more than coincidence that we talk about Trump in a unique context separate from the MSM one day then Trump announces something along the lines we discussed the next.

Say Hi, to Trump or his advisors everybody!

23   MisdemeanorRebel   2017 Jan 13, 10:02am  

He's a weird story - DC Natn'l Guard General to be forcibly removed from command moments after after swearing in of Trump:

The head of the D.C. National Guard, Maj. Gen. Errol R. Schwartz, said Friday that he has been ordered removed from his command effective Jan. 20, 12:01 p.m., just as Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

Schwartz’s forced departure will come in the midst of the presidential inauguration that he has spent months helping plan alongside D.C. police, the U.S. Secret Service and other top District officials. He will turn over command to an interim as power transfers from one president to the next, and just before the inaugural parade marches down Pennsylvania Avenue.

“The timing is extremely unusual,” Schwartz said in an interview Friday morning, confirming a memo announcing his ouster that was obtained by The Washington Post. During the inauguration, Schwartz would command not only the members of the D.C. guard but also an additional 5,000 unarmed troops sent in from across the country to help. He also would oversee military air support protecting the nation’s capital during the inauguration.

“My troops will be on the street,” Schwartz, 65, said. “I’ll see them off but I won’t be able to welcome them back to the armory.” He said that he would “never plan to leave a mission in the middle of a battle.”

Schwartz said he would oversee duties in a command center and then depart at 12:01 p.m., retiring from the Army.


24   MisdemeanorRebel   2017 Jan 13, 10:24am  

I hope the Democrats continue to be hysterical and non-self-reflecting for the next few months.

The real reason the Democrats can't examine themselves is that it will end up disempowering the Clinton/Third Way/Neoliberal contingent and empowering the Progressives. The leadership and big donors just want the Progressives to shut up and obey the party, not to have any actual power.

If they nominate Ellison as leader, they're totally fucked. But if they nominate some Kaine-like safe, moderate, status quo bore, it won't help either.

25   HEY YOU   2017 Jan 13, 10:25am  

Ironman says


The only proper response to Attention Seeking Beginner Troll comments & threads: Reliable Source?

26   MisdemeanorRebel   2017 Jan 13, 10:29am  

PS The latest "We don't need no reform, we wuz robbed, we ain't done nuthin' wrong" shriek from the Losing Team is about Cory Booker and many other Establishment Democrats rejecting Affordable Drug Care legislation (ie Canadian Pharma Bill)


27   Philistine   2017 Jan 13, 11:07am  

Tim Aurora says

the guy will be impeached or he will resign as he will not be able to cope with it.

Nah, I mean, that's a popular yarn these days, but no way the ideologue, party-before-country GOP/e is going for it. That dog don't hunt. They would prefer to send him off on a paid vacation for 4 years while they run shit in the background and get his rubber stamp on thangs. He would prefer that, too.

28   Shaman   2017 Jan 13, 11:15am  

The Cory Booker big pharma scandal is that he took over $230,000 from big pharma to vote that way. And he claims that it was because the drugs were unsafe. From Canada? Unsafe? Same company making them there? Fuck that piece of shit race baiting money grubbing sell-out Tom!

29   Philistine   2017 Jan 13, 11:21am  

Quigley says

Cory Booker big pharma scandal

Continued clueless establishment Demtard stuff. Both parties need to be royally flushed. Based on Tramp's cabinet picks (aka Looney Bin), I'm not sure he's going to get us any closer to that. More like pig-in-a-poke while Rome(, Georgia) burns.

30   MMR   2017 Jan 13, 11:37am  


In a comment below I listed all 13 senators who voted against the Sanders amendment and gave figures I found at Open Secrets for the contributions they received from Pharma manufacturers for all political cycles. That number is the first one to the right of their names.

Below is that same list but with figures for contributions from Pharmaceuticals/Health Products industries added (number to far right):

Bennet (D-CO) – $257,877 – $506,067
Booker (D-NJ) – $273,165 – $385,678
Cantwell (D-WA) – $74,750 – $173,625
Carper (D-DE) – $386,354 – $470,674
Casey (D-PA) – $340,030 – $628,329
Coons (D-DE) – $223,650 – $292,700
Donnelly (D-IN) – $127,562 – $272,533
Heinrich (D-NM) – $82,104 – $176,039
Heitkamp (D-ND) – $46,250 – $69,525
Menendez (D-NJ) – $579,307 – $795,895
Murray (D-WA) – $515,089 – $893,626
Tester (D-MT) – $110,500 – $176,550
Warner (D-VA) – $47,070 – $59,820

Wonder how much stock these guys own in company on top of what they receive directly

31   komputodo   2017 Jan 13, 11:43am  

Tim Aurora says

Any violence is bad for the country's image.

Then the country's image is in the crapper and has been for many, many years. BLM! BLM!

32   Patrick   2017 Jan 13, 11:49am  

Tenpoundbass says

I'm beginning to think it's more than coincidence that we talk about Trump in a unique context separate from the MSM one day then Trump announces something along the lines we discussed the next.

Say Hi, to Trump or his advisors everybody!

I'd be honored if they were reading patrick.net.

Even better if they want to comment here!

33   NuttBoxer   2017 Jan 13, 12:46pm  

Before everyone starts going crazy let's remember a few things. Kennedy was killed because of his plan to mint silver backed currency without going through our dear central bank(The Federal Reserve). If his plan had succeeded, America would have repaid it's debt, and cancelled the charter as we did with the first two banks. Remember what happened to Andrew Jackson when he ended the second banks charter?

Trump not only has no interest in ending the Federal Reserve, he's appointed it's lacky's to top positions in his government. The pointless bickering with press is just bread and circus's, stop getting suckered in!

34   Dan8267   2017 Jan 13, 12:51pm  

exfatguy says

Will they take out Trump like they supposedly did Kennedy?

Seriously, the entire intelligence field wants Trump dead. I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA or some other agency assassinated him, especially if he cuts their funding or tries to consolidate the 17 intelligence agencies in our government. Yes, 17. That's 16 too many. But if Trump tries to eliminate some of them, they would probably try to kill him before that happens.

All government agencies, especially clandestine ones, first and foremost serve themselves.

35   NuttBoxer   2017 Jan 13, 12:57pm  

Dan8267 says

Seriously, the entire intelligence field wants Trump dead.

CIA, FBI, NSA don't take a piss until they've asked permission from their masters first. Fuck, you people are more delusional than the ones who believe the Warren commission was an honest investigation. How long did they suppress their findings again following Kennedy's assassination?

36   Dan8267   2017 Jan 13, 1:13pm  

NuttBoxer says

CIA, FBI, NSA don't take a piss until they've asked permission from their masters first.

Assertions mean nothing. Provide evidence or stfu.

37   NuttBoxer   2017 Jan 17, 10:33am  

Dan8267 says

Seriously, the entire intelligence field wants Trump dead.

Dan8267 says

Assertions mean nothing. Provide evidence or stfu.

38   NuttBoxer   2017 Jan 17, 10:35am  

Who funds the three letter agencies Dan? And who controls the money supply that funds them? I've said it before, and I'll say it a zillion times more. Follow the money to it's source, that will always prove what is true and what is fiction.

39   PaisleyPattern   2017 Jan 17, 10:47am  

There are three possibilities. 1) Trumps campaign was an elaborate and successful hoax,and he is actually a figurehead for a branch of the establishment. In this case, the government will carry on in a state of ineffective gridlock. 2) Trump is a rogue candidate and is challenging the established powers of the deep state. In this case it is very likely he will be assassinated in short order. 3) Trump represents a segment of the deep state and has their backing and protection. In this case there is a civil war going on in the deep state, and the outcome is difficult to predict. Possibly an assassination, which could lead to a military coup or open conflict. Or the Trump faction could strike first and purge the current establishment. This could happen quickly, if Trump has secured the backing of the military. If this occurs, the US will likely end up under martial law for a period, under Trumps control, and an entirely new government structure would be formed.
The first possibility is unlikely, as clearly the Democrats, the Republicans, and the media were open really opposed to Trump from the beginning, and the Republicans have only reluctantly fallen in line with his leadership. Further, Trump doesn't show any signs of following much of the established republican agenda .
The second possibility is also unlikely, as Trump is a wise 70-year-old entrepreneur with the benefit of excellent counsel,and wouldn't set himself up for a certain execution.
I believe the third possibility is the most likely. The deep state is in a state of civil war, there will be a rapid escalation leading to a dramatic, potentially violent conflict, that will result in a major restructuring of the US government. I believe that the deep state faction behind Trump is very likely allied with Putin. We are very likely about to experience a dramatic, possibly violent, historic restructuring of the world order.

40   NuttBoxer   2017 Jan 18, 12:01pm  

fraser says

There are three possibilities.

No, just one. It's obvious, not a hoax, and was there from day one for anyone with half a brain to see. Trump is an insider who made a living in New York Real Estate, can't get much cushier than that. His appointments confirm this 100%. As to the campaign promises, I mean seriously. Who the fuck keeps campaign promises...

41   PaisleyPattern   2017 Jan 18, 4:50pm  

If he is an insider, then why was he so strongly and hysterically opposed by Democrats, Republicans, and the Media?

42   Rew   2017 Jan 18, 5:13pm  

fraser says

If he is an insider, then why was he so strongly and hysterically opposed by Democrats, Republicans, and the Media?

An insider would have been better. He is out for himself and not driven toward a greater cause of national service, or does he have any respect for the norms and decorum of the office of POTUS.

Prove me wrong Friday t-Rump. At best you got hollow words of unity lasting up to the point of your next tweet storm. ;)

43   BayArea   2017 Jan 18, 6:30pm  

Snowflakes don't assassinate... They just cry and complain.

JFK was in a different position than Trump.

44   PaisleyPattern   2017 Jan 18, 6:41pm  

The snowflake concept is ridiculous. The power behind the democratic party establishment is not snowflakes. There are powerful people and organizations protecting their access and control to trillions of dollars in federal funds. The wealth of many organizations is dependent on this control. There are many people who would kill or do worse to protect their control over this source of funding. Don't kid yourself,these are not snowflakes. The snowflakes are the ones in the electorate that they manipulate with their liberal social agenda. Thes people in power behind the liberal facade won't take their hands off of the trillions of dollars without a bloody fight.

45   anonymous   2017 Jan 18, 7:41pm  

BayArea says

Snowflakes don't assassinate


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