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Will Coal Country abandon Trump after he fails to deliver on his promises?

By joeyjojojunior follow joeyjojojunior   2017 Feb 11, 10:24am 1,075 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

Donald Trump won the presidency with claims that he is a brilliant businessman who will create jobs. He railed against a political “war on coal” supposedly waged by President Obama, one Trump claimed was “killing American jobs.” On his first day in office, Trump deleted all the climate change references on the White House website, replacing it with an “energy plan” that asserts he is “committed to… reviving America’s coal industry.”
In a new analysis, leading independent energy experts at BNEF dismantle these claims. “Whatever President Trump may say, U.S. coal’s main problem has been cheap natural gas and renewable power, not a politically driven ‘war on coal,’” explain BNEF chair Michael Liebreich and chief editor Angus McCrone. Therefore “it will continue being pushed out of the generating mix.”

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Good--you know more about the power generation industry than BNEF? You have some data to refute their conclusions? Please share.

Start by refuting these facts:

BNEF lists what’s going on:
In the U.K., coal-firing shrunk to a minuscule 3.6 percent of total electricity production in the third quarter of 2016
Other European countries are finally — and belatedly — turning their attention to forcing the early retirement of coal plants.
China has just announced the suspension of plans for 100 new coal plants, including ones whose construction has already begun
India’s Electricity Central Electricity Authority has said that after the current crop of coal-fired power stations under construction are completed, the country will need no new ones until 2027.

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