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  • Ban Congressmen and their family members from owning individual stocks, to stop flagrant insider trading like Nancy and Paul Pelosi's

  • Ban all levels of government from managing, controlling, or influencing public opinion; government should respect, acknowledge, and respond to the will of the people.

Crime and Prisons

  • Require all police to wear functioning bodycams at all times when interacting with public or prisoners, all video to be used as evidence.

  • End civil forfeiture

  • Ban private prisons

  • Legalize marijuana at the federal level

  • Free speech for all prisoners

  • End all privately run prisons, to discourage convictions for profit

  • Define "right to a speedy trial" to mean that a verdict must be reached within one year of imprisonment, defaulting to innocent.

  • Guarantee every prisoner the right to speak to the public and answer questions for an hour per week, to expose judicial corruption.

  • Legalize cannabis at the federal level for adults, because cannabis is much less harmful than alcohol and is used to supply prisons with prisoners.



Foreign Policy

  • Establish strong borders to prevent illegal immigration, including a wall along the southern US border, to protect low-wage American workers from illegal competition.

  • Grant US citizenship to any illegal alien who gets his employer convicted of employing him.

  • Put compensating tariffs on foreign goods from countries with lower wages or lower environmental standards.

  • Impose an absolute ban on dual citizenship, because it always creates conflicting loyalties; China prohibits dual citizenship for this reason

Freedom of Speech

  • Prohibit job termination based on political activities outside of work.



  • Prohibit all "states of emergency" because they are used to subvert the Constitution, as was done in the Wuhan Virus scamdemic.

  • Require all federal laws to be read in their entirety by all legislators before they may vote on them, to discourage lobbyist-written bills.

  • Require all federal laws to be clear enough that a 12th-grade education is sufficient to understand them perfectly, for more public participation.

  • Promote the principle of very few laws, very well enforced "The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws." -Tacitus.

  • Guarantee the right of the president to fire anyone within executive branch at any time, especially long-time "civil servants" like Fauci.

  • Eliminate anti-competitive imposition of "safety" costs on small businesses; those laws are almost all written to benefit large businesses.

  • Minimize regulations, particularly regulations designed to give larger businesses an advantage.

Medical Care

  • Require all non-emergency medical charges to be presented to the patient in advance of treatment, to use market forces to control medical costs

  • Require all emergency medical charges to be limited to fixed prices by law, because there to can be no market in emergencies

  • Require medical insurers to give a coverage response to a proposed non-emergency medical bill within one day, again to control medical costs

  • create a constitutional prohibition on all mandated injections and all other medical treatment mandates by employers, schools, businesses, or government.

  • Prosecute everyone who abused his or her power to mandate the dangerous and ineffective gene injection, whether in government, schools, or workplaces.

  • Prosecute everyone involved with the creation of Wuhan Virus, especially the mass murderers Fauci and Daszak.

  • Establish a constitutional ban on lockdowns and all mask requirements.

  • Require short clear written presentation of all non-emergency medical costs before treatment

  • Expand medicare to be single payer healthcare. Just make it the Obamacare bronze plan for everyone.

  • Allow import of prescription drugs from Canada

Men's Rights


  • Create a constitutional amendment prohibiting interventionism; American soldiers must never fight except against invasion of America, per George Washington's advice.

  • Eliminate NATO, because Europe is not America.

  • Eliminate all US military bases in foreign countries.


  • Define the dollar as one ounce of 0.9999 pure silver minted by the US government. Silver by weight worked well for thousands of years.

  • Establish a Constitutional right to pay all debt and taxes with physical silver by weight, so that everyone can preserve savings as silver metal.

  • Eliminate the requirement for anyone to accept paper banknotes unless the banknotes are 100% insured by a third party for metal silver upon demand.

  • Legally define all banking as either storage of silver for a fee, or participation in the bank's lending risk and bank run risk for an interest payment.

  • Require classification and prominent marking of all non-metal payment instruments as "Not money, only a debt", because they are merely debts.

  • Eliminate the Federal Reserve entirely. Let the open market set interest rates.

  • Create a constitutional prohibition on political discrimination as a reason to deny banking or payment system access.

  • Limit the annual federal budget by constitutional amendment to 1% of GDP with no exceptions, especially not for "emergencies".

Real Estate

Regulation and State's Rights

  • Eliminate all federal government agencies outside of the military and commerce; everything else belongs to the states, as is written in the Constitution.

  • Eliminate the FBI, CIA, NSA, NIH, FDA, and CDC in particular, with their functions transferred to the states, as is written in the Constitution.

  • Allow girl scouts to bake their own cookies at home


  • Eliminate all state and federal income and sales taxes, to be replaced with Georgist land value taxes and import tariffs.

  • Require every employer and financial company to use the exact same printed and online format for every W-2, 1099, etc, and to make all financial data available to customers via standardized REST APIs. All fields must always have exactly the same names and be in the same positions. HR Block etc lobby to make sure this does not happen.

  • Increase taxes on non-productive rent-seeking and decrease taxes on income from productive work or sales. Swap the current maximum tax rates on income from work vs capital gains.

  • End Prop 13 in California.

  • Prohibit sales tax on used property that was already taxed per the full retail price when first sold.

  • Prohibit all public sector unions, especially teacher's unions and prison guard unions.


  • Give official federal priority to fast safe cheap rail transit in place of subsidies and favoritism for cars, oil, and highways.

  • Attempt to re-achieve US energy independence to help keep us out of foreign wars and to improve our balance of trade.


  • Free all of the Jan 6th protestors and then give them each the Congressional Medal of Honor for protesting the fraudulent 2020 election

  • Arrest Ray Epps and the other FBI goons for conspiracy and incitement

  • Eliminate all voting machines

  • Eliminate ail mail-in voting or drop boxes, only paper ballots with photo ID in person at a local school on that one day only, counted by each party; israeli style

  • Require proof of US citizenship to vote.

  • Establish the inalienability of the right to vote for all US citizens, whether in prison or not.

  • Publicly fund all congressional and presidential campaigns

  • set term limits for Congress: 6x for the house, and twice for the senate, so 12 years each

  • Publicly post all bills two weeks in advance of Congressional vote. Require that Congressmen personally read entire bill before voting on it.

  • People should have a right to petition Congress regarding a specific proposal, and if they get enough signatures require a roll call vote in both houses of Congress on the verbatim topic of the petition, without amendments.

How you can help: If you agree with any or all of these proposals, please add your own feedback on the proposals and post links to the proposals on other websites.

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198   Misc   2022 Nov 3, 3:09pm  

The US GDP is about $23 trillion. 1% of that would be about $230 billion.

We spend more than that on pensions alone.
199   Patrick   2022 Nov 3, 3:20pm  

Those pensions should be reduced or eliminated.
200   Patrick   2022 Nov 3, 3:58pm  

Note that we are already reducing the US national debt through inflation, which is a kind of default.
201   Patrick   2022 Nov 3, 4:00pm  

BTW, the forced transfer of massive amounts of money from taxpayers to government employees is itself a kind of Communism.
202   Misc   2022 Nov 3, 4:26pm  

Patrick says

Those pensions should be reduced or eliminated.

I would not want to be the one to break the news to a bunch of retired navy Seals that they get no pension.
203   Patrick   2022 Nov 3, 4:38pm  

What I meant was that pensions should not be part of government employment benefits.

I'm not necessarily opposed to fulfilling existing pensions, but I think that government pensions as a part of promised employment benefits should be reduced or eliminated.
204   Misc   2022 Nov 3, 5:59pm  

Patrick says

What I meant was that pensions should not be part of government employment benefits.

I'm not necessarily opposed to fulfilling existing pensions, but I think that government pensions as a part of promised employment benefits should be reduced or eliminated.

It would be a shame if a Captain of a ballistic missile sub staked his retirement on Bitcoin. He might take out life's frustrations on a goodly number of people.
205   AmericanKulak   2022 Nov 3, 6:13pm  

Misc says

Comes nowhere even close to the amount raised by the income tax. We have about $3.5 trillion in imports.

Income taxes are about $2 trillion.

YEP. $350B is just what the government needs to pay for the military, courts, and roads. The Military is ludicrously bloated. At $250B for the military and $100B for everything else, we'd still be far and away the numbah won spender. Our military is bloated with leather interior luxury planes for Army and Air Force Generals, Littoral Combat Ships that never worked and ended up many times original projected cost, etc. We could have an unbelievable Army of divisions of infantry armed to the teeth with ATGMs, the latest nightvision gear, etc. etc. instead we have the shitty short bus Stryker and the F-35 Boondoggle whose stealth was obsolete against the latest crop of radars already deployed by Russia and China before it flew it's first combat mission, that manuevers worse than any 2nd gen fighter jet, and costs a small fortune to fly per hour, many times what an F-15 or F-16 costs even at their advanced age and parts costs.

Institute an AMT on Corporate Taxation of 7% for any corp with more than $10M in revenue. Despite CATO propaganda, Amazon, Google,etc.pay around 2-3%, nothing like the advertised rates. A waitress in a slow rural diner doesn't pay 2-3% in income tax. That'll leave some stuff for lowering the debt.

The best answer is to repeal the 17th Amendment, so State Governments can once again be represented at the Federal Government directly.
206   Misc   2022 Nov 3, 6:17pm  

The interest on the debt (about $31 trillion) at 3% is about $930 billion.

Gonna have the US default and play who gets what and Why?
207   AmericanKulak   2022 Nov 3, 6:18pm  

Misc says

The interest on the debt (about $31 trillion) at 3% is about $930 billion.

Gonna have the US default and play who gets what and Why?

France defaulted multiple times in the 19th Century and entered the 20th as a top 3 nation.

Default is a big deal but not the end of the world. It's a scare tactic by creditors, the same ones who got bailed out to the hilt while their mortgage forgiveness/flexibility was utterly optional for them to offer via HAMP/HARP/whatever it was called.
208   RayAmerica   2022 Nov 3, 7:01pm  

Prior to taking office in his first term, President Ronald Reagan stated that if he left office without closing down the Federal Department of Education (DOE) he would
consider his time in office as an abject failure.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt also believed the DOE should be disbanded and agreed to serve as Reagan's senior policy advisor to the U.S. Department of Education
during Reagan's first term. Iserbyt came from a family that was deeply entrenched in the ruling class of America; both her father and grandfather were members of Yale's
ultra-elite Skull and Bones. During her time at the DOE, Iserbyt repeatedly attempted to inform Reagan of the alarming, radical direction that the DOE was
moving. To her dismay, Reagan ignored her warnings. After experiencing much in the way of persecution from inside the DOE, Isebyt left the DOE, and wrote a book
about her experiences, along with exposing the nefarious plans of the elitists at the DOE.

It is well worth the read: the book is entitled "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" and is available as a free PDF download here:

209   Misc   2022 Nov 3, 8:16pm  

The nice thing about being in America is that we will be able to kick back and watch how other countries play the default/who gets what and why game before we do.

The first batter up looks like it may be the UK. They are playing the game that if they don't make a budget, then nobody really knows how bad things are.

The sheer numbers of defaults there is gonna be something else.

Back of the napkin numbers are they have 8% GDP government deficit, 8% of GDP trade deficit and 6% of their economy tied to finance (yes, they go around charging each other varying amounts of interest and call it an economy).

Now they are at 100% of debt to GDP and looks like they are approaching the event horizon.
210   Patrick   2022 Nov 20, 9:32pm  

Another platform:


So here’s my proposal. Any politician who wants the medical freedom vote in 2024 needs to give us a seat at the table — that means having a say in the selection of the heads of HHS, FDA, and CDC and an ironclad commitment to passing the ten items listed below:

1. Repeal the 1980 Bayh-Dole Act that lets government officials and academics patent (and thus profit from) federally-funded research. So much of the corruption in our current system stems from this.

2. Repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. No liability protection for pharmaceutical companies.

3. Permanently end the entire notion of a “vaccine schedule”. Forcing one-size-fits-all medicine on an entire population is savage and barbaric. Anything other than personalized (“N-of-1”) medicine is malpractice.

4. Provide Constitutional protections at both the state and federal level for medical autonomy so that this never happens again.

5. Prohibit the executive branch from seizing emergency powers under the guise of public health. The Constitution does not have a pandemic exception.

6. The First Amendment must apply to social media. Ban Pharma TV ads.

7. Withdraw from the WHO, disassociate from the WEF, and dismantle the FDA, CDC, NIH, DARPA, BARDA, and ARPA-H. Make all scientific knowledge and data open source.

8. Negotiate an international treaty to ban gain-of-function research.

9. Prosecute those who participated in the iatrogenocide and covered up its harms.

10. Force Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Merck, and GSK to pay reparations to the vaccine-injured.
211   Patrick   2022 Nov 20, 10:01pm  

Another platform:


If you're a left-leaning person, understand this: This growing conservative movement isn't about lower taxes and corporate profits.

We are concerned about human rights abuses being committed by wolves in sheep's clothing.

We want to stop the exploitation of people by woke politicians and companies that use LGBT and climate campaigns to hide their use of slave labor.
We want to protect communities here and abroad by shutting down the human-trafficking trade on our southern border.
We want to expose money laundering and corrupt closed-door deals that have become the norm through Covid policies (see Andrew Cuomo in New York) and war zones (see Ukraine using Democratic mega-donor FTX to launder funds through crypto).
We want to protect the environment by making poor nations and communities as wealthy as possible as fast as possible so they have the resources to invest in environmental stewardship.
We want to stop the charade of "climate" policies being used as a facade by woke globalist hypocrites to keep the world's poor in the gutter while they get rich.
We want to invest in stable homes with loving mothers and fathers who are empowered to vigorously defend their children from those that want to use them as tools for ideological campaigns, movements, and sexual kicks.
We want regular families all around the world to be able to protect themselves from oppressive authorities by having access to weapons that will instill fear in the hearts of tyrants.
We want to protect freedom of speech and freedom of conscience, even when people disagree with us.
The cronies in mainstream parties like the Republicans don't realize that this is true, but the reality is that most of us young conservatives care squat about those stuffy old RINOs and their stale decorum.
212   Patrick   2022 Nov 27, 11:41am  

Patrick says

eliminate all US military bases in foreign countries


🇺🇸"World Beyond War" shows an interactive map with US military bases around the world
"World BEYOND War has launched a new online tool that allows the user to view a globe pock-marked with 867 U.S. military bases in countries other than the United States."

213   Patrick   2022 Dec 14, 10:15am  

Patrick says

eliminate all state and federal income and sales taxes, to be replaced with Georgist land value taxes and import tariffs

214   PeopleUnited   2022 Dec 14, 8:04pm  

Ron Paul Rocks!
215   Patrick   2022 Dec 15, 12:46pm  

Patrick says

require all federal laws to be read in their entirety by all legislators before they may vote on them, to discourage lobbyist-written bills


Rand Paul: "We're going to get a 3,000 page bill that'll have been given to us an hour or two before... No one will read it. It'll add over a trillion dollars to the debt next year."
216   🎂 WookieMan   2022 Dec 15, 3:26pm  

Patrick says

require all federal laws to be read in their entirety by all legislators before they may vote on them, to discourage lobbyist-written bills

Won't happen. I'm the treasurer for the board I'm elected to. I don't even read the accounting if I'm being honest. I just sign and move on with my night during board meetings. We're only talking $250k annually, most of which is salary and rent, so there's not much to it.

It's easy to manipulate the chain of command or not see underlings playing games. Doubtful, but Nancy Pelosi could be the most honest person and is just a moron that can't see the corruption within her own office/family. Far fetched, but not impossible as I do know she's a moron and could miss fraud.

We tend to think everyone sees what we see and read. We "assume" that the elite do as well. They might not. Not an excuse, but sometimes the handlers shield them from reality to keep them and their ego happy.

Back to your comment Patrick, even if you were given 4 months to read a bill, I can promise 98% of your elected officials might get through 100 pages of 3k. There's simply not enough time regardless of how fast you can read. House Reps especially. It's constant campaigning given the 2 year cycle. Our House Rep spent 3 hours with our board in a town of 2,200 people.... You know IL somewhat still I assume. She lives in Lake County. 60 Miles from our meeting point. You're not reading a bill in that time and the back and forth to DC, campaigning, holding babies, etc.

The bills are overly complicated which I think we all know. CA being the biggest state, I'd guesstimate that maybe, maybe 10-20 citizens read any bill in totality. To think bribed politicians will spend anytime reading this shit is laughable. It's not happening.
217   Patrick   2022 Dec 15, 3:40pm  

@WookieMan The point is to slow them down.

If they don't read the whole bill, they they shouldn't be allowed to vote on it.

The hoped-for result is much, much shorter bills that we all can understand clearly.
218   Patrick   2023 Jan 24, 9:27am  


Lawmakers are once again advocating a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress.

Members in both chambers are backing the proposed amendment, which stipulates that House lawmakers who have served three terms would not be eligible for election to the House again, while senators who have served two terms would no longer be eligible for election or appointment to that chamber.

Under the amendment, if a House lawmaker elected to fill a vacant spot fills the vacancy for more than one year, that would count toward their three-term limit — similarly, if a senator elected or appointed to fill an empty seat fills that vacancy for over three years, that would count as one of the two allowed terms.

A number of GOP senators and dozens of House Republicans are backing the proposal, as is Democratic Rep. Jared Golden of Maine.

Even if two-thirds of both houses of Congress voted to pass the proposal, three-fourths of the states would need to back the amendment in order for it to be added the Constitution.

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