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Clintons Future Lobbying - Americas Nightmare

By Entitlemented follow Entitlemented   2017 May 2, 8:55am 1,148 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

I believe that NAFTA will create 200,000 American jobs in
the first two years of its effect. I believe if you look at the
trends -- and President Bush and I were talking about it this morning
-- starting about the time he was elected president, over one-third of
our economic growth, and in some years over one-half of our net new
jobs came directly from exports. And on average, those export-related
jobs paid much higher than jobs that had no connection to exports.


I believe that NAFTA will create a million jobs in the
first five years of its impact. And I believe that that is many more
jobs than will be lost, as inevitably some will be as always happens
when you open up the mix to a new range of competition.

NAFTA will generate these jobs by fostering an export
boom to Mexico; by tearing down tariff walls which have been lowered
quite a bit by the present administration of President Salinas, but
are still higher than Americans.

Already Mexican consumers buy more per capita from the
United States than other consumers in other nations. Most Americans
don't know this, but the average Mexican citizen -- even though wages
are much lower in Mexico, the average Mexican citizen is now spending
$450 per year per person to buy American goods.

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