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Michael Hayden - Trump's government resembles Nicaragua

By dublin hillz follow dublin hillz   2017 May 12, 12:51pm 1,954 views   4 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    


"Former CIA Director Michael Hayden said Wednesday that President Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey – along with two other high-level dismissals – were "associated with autocratic populist states" like Nicaragua.

"In 110 days, the president has fired a national security adviser, an acting attorney general and the director of the FBI," Hayden, who also directed the NSA, told Anderson Cooper on CNN, referring to Michael Flynn and Sally Yates.

Hayden, 72, a retired four-star Air Force general, explained "I have lived enough in the world. America sent me to places that weren't happy at the moment.

"I have seen how thin the veneer of civilization is. You just have that concern.

"People, be careful," he cautioned. "We're not guaranteed this kind of life that we have experienced for the last period of time."

Hayden noted Russia's global surveillance strategy is to "never create fractures in a society.

"They only work when a society has preexisting fractures," he explained. "What the Russians did, perhaps they knew us better than we knew ourselves.

"They went after the fractures in American society."

However, Hayden remained optimistic about the future – telling Cooper the United States has "resilient institutions, but we can't take them for granted."


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dublin hillz says

"They went after the fractures in American society."

wealth disparity and economic insecurity --> divisiveness from haves and have nots --> a government captured by $ not working for the people

We cannot even begin to heal our rifts without jobs and economic growth. If progressive and liberal grab the reigns, the anxiety and protest is just going to flip to the other side. Unfortunately, I think the only thing that will generate people with more $ in their pockets, on a scale needed, will be war or a massive natural disaster.

The government is pushing the pedals in the exact opposite direction to help people. It's freaking insane!

We may be headed toward civil unrest levels like we saw in the 60s. That's going to escalate super fast considering the Homeland Security policies we have in place.

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The AM hate machine has generated the hatred and divisiveness for a couple of decades now (and talk show hosts profited greatly) and then to cover their tracks and culpability, they came up with term "Fake News" and tried to blame the liberals for the schism.

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Russia wanted to appoint Trump ,President, & anti-Americans voted with the Russians?

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