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RealEstateIsBetterThanStocks says

Woman Suing Trump for Blocking Her on Twitter!!

1. The woman is not a liberal. She is a conservative, by definition. Her actions are exactly conservative.
2. Any Twitter user has the right to block other users. Even Trump has this right. It's hard to have sympathy for Trump, who has threatened many frivolous lawsuits and even carried out many frivolous lawsuits, but he is right on this issue.
3. The woman is obviously PeopleUnited.
4. The founder of Twitter did not apologize for creating Twitter. He expressed regret that his creation aided in Trump's election.
5. Trump is an idiot for using Twitter to convey his messages. There are far better ways to bypass the press and directly talk to the people than a form in which you messages are limited to 140 characters.
6. Unfortunately Twitter has worked for Trump because all his followers are also idiots. Even the name Twitter has an idiot vibe to it.

Before Twitter...

After Twitter...

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