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Russia waged a huge cyberwar against the U.S.

By Dan8267 follow Dan8267   2017 Jul 30, 2:35pm 6,777 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      

The Russian government had tens of thousands of fake Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts which they used to microtarget individual voters in swing districts to get Trump elected. Russia conducted the greatest psychological warfare campaign world history and won. Trump has obstructed the investigation into this because he benefited from it. And since this is not being investigated, it will happen again.

Russia also attacked Ukraine with a worm. Cyberattacks are cyber-terrorism and need to be dealt with as such even, nay, especially when state-sponsored.


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Dan8267 says

Russia also attacked Ukraine with a worm. Cyberattacks are cyber-terrorism and need to be dealt with as such even, nay, especially when state-sponsored.

Including American attacks on other countries?

Not that anyone is going to bother when they can watch a short youtube video and be an expert but Richard Kaplan published a really great book last year with a very in depth look at cybewarfare called Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War. Any decent library (hint for the youtube crowd, that's the big building filled with books) should have a copy.

The book is almost all about the escalation of cyber warfare and policies in response starting from the beginnings of DARPA. There is no real discussion of technology involved. The biggest takeaway is virtually all of private industry believes it's cheaper to clean up messes than to protect themselves. They have successfully resisted any type of regulation that would require protection of their (and their customers) data. Cyberwar and cyberwar planning is extensively discussed. I was very surprised how early foreign hacking and cyberwar started as well as how extensive it was even in the early days. It really does go all the way back to the beginning of the use of modems.
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anonymous says
China’s plan for massive cyber-warrior expansion. Beijing views cybersecurity and national security as equals, and a war between China and the US, if it ever occurs, will witness many cyberspace duels.

Aren't you glad we outsourced all of IT to China and India? Now they have all the code monkeys and America has an aging and declining IT workforce. I'm sure that won't affect our national security during the 21st century. But hey, it only takes a few years for people to become experts in the most complex human endeavour ever, right? Oh shit, maybe not.

It takes a minimum of 20 years to build up a skilled IT workforce, and having one generation mentor the next gives a society a huge advantage in any industry. China and India now have that 20 years and are working on their second generation of IT professionals. America was in that position in the late 1990s, and our economy was better than ever because of it, but now has completely lost a generation and destroyed any possibility of mentoring the next generation. All that so that the damn executives can buy another yacht.

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