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Stormfront kid Charlottesville connection opinion piece

By FNWGMOBDVZXDNW follow FNWGMOBDVZXDNW   2017 Aug 20, 11:29am 2,210 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

When I saw the stormfront statistics post by 2 scoops the other day, I thought of this kid. He had a good piece published by the nyt today.

Here's some background information.

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But this protest, contrary to his defense, was advertised unambiguously as a white nationalist rally. The marchers chanted, “Jews will not replace us”; in the days leading up to the event, its organizers called it “a pro-white demonstration”; my godfather, David Duke, attended and said it was meant to “fulfill the promises of Donald Trump”; and many attendees flew swastika flags. Whatever else you might say about the rally, they were not trying to deceive anyone.


Is this #FakeNews? How can one tell?

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