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During Mike Tyson’s stand up performance, he said something which many people believe to be alarmingly true: “Hillary is America’s most prolific serial killer – bar none.”

Tyson continued: “Manson family ain’t nothing compared to the Clinton family,” “Ted Bundy? John Wayne Gacy? Please… that’s kiddie stuff,” pointing out that the Manson family had killed five people, and that Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy had killed 35 and 33 people respectively in their sickening killing sprees. Apparently this is a number that pales in comparison to the body count created by Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

“She murdered her very good friend Mr Vince Foster. She deliberately on purpose let Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans die in Benghazi. Do you know how many of her personal bodyguards have died deaths of a premature nature?”

“Twelve. Twelve young men in close proximity to the Clinton’s have died premature. This information is all out there. You can look this up yourself. All of these bodyguards are indeed dead and it might all just be a tragic coincidence. Now I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to be on their list of associates.”

Mike Tyson encouraged members of the audience to Google the Clinton body count, with the term “strange deaths surrounding the Clinton’s” and see what they could find. Tyson elaborated further in his set, “People in a hundred years from now going to look back at us and scratch their heads saying ‘Uhh really guys? Really? You couldn’t see what was right before your eyes?'”

“How many more witnesses do we need to commit suicide by two bullets to the back of the head just before they about to testify against the Clinton’s before we start to say ‘Hey, something here sure smells fishy?'”

Mike Tyson lamented that for power and for hushing up anyone in her way, Hillary Clinton has been able to carry on her killing spree unchallenged, which by his account definitely makes her into America’s most prolific serial killer. One day, hopefully there will be crime investigation documentaries and National Geographic films about the many mysterious deaths engulfing the Clinton family, because it’s clear that she’s getting away with murder.

Tyson finalised on this point: “Sad but true thing is we will never get justice for her. We the people will never see justice served. She’s above the law of the land.”
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When a guy who bit off an ear, and punched a chick in the face, has your number. You are a lowlife.
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So sad to hear of Mike Tyson’s tragic suicide by rat poison in his mimosa!
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Homicidal IHLlary gets a chuckle from the crowds every time. Only fart jokes do better.
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Don't forget to mention her latest victim: DNC staffer Seth Rich, who leaked Podesta emails to Wikileakes and was murdered to set an example for others: https://mojomorning.blogspot.com/2017/05/solving-seth-rich-homocide.html

Clinton body count going back to the time Bill was governor of Arkansas: https://mojomorning.blogspot.com/2017/05/solving-seth-rich-homocide.html

And the strange case of Vince Foster: https://mojomorning.blogspot.com/2016/10/vince-foster-fbi-corruption-and.html

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