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MAGA will solve this problem.

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"Thus, the U.S. E&P companies tapped into an additional $212 billion worth of funding over the last six years to produce uneconomical shale oil and gas. Now, this chart is an approximation based on the negative free cash flow (RED color) from the four top U.S. shale fields and the shale equity issuance (OLIVE color). So, how much money would these U.S. E&P companies need to make to pay back these funds?

Good question. If we assume that the U.S. shale oil companies will be able to produce another 10 billion barrels of oil, they would need to make $21 a barrel profit to pay back that $212 billion. However, they haven’t made any profits in at least the past six years, so why would they make any profits in the next six years?"

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