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New Zealand insurance warning.

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"Insurer here. People buying or building in hazard zones will be uninsurable in the next few years."

"Insurers are essentially a pool of a certain demographics risk. Why the fuck should an Aucklander away from the coast pool with people whove purchased over cliffs, in an earthquake zone, or nextto a flooded rivers."

Why do I have to pay taxes to carry Socialist Republicans?

"The government will wade in soon with regulation to force cover for the uninsurable but boy howdy its gonna be expensive. Think like, 20x or more what a normal person pays now."

Insurance will be available in the U.S.,you just won't be able to afford it.

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Insurance will be available in the U.S.,you just won't be able to afford it.

Sure you can. Uncle Sam insures all those expensive beach houses the gazillionaires live in. You didn't know that?
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"Rising seas threaten nearly $1 trillion worth of US homes, and most of them are moderately priced: Zillow"
Homeowners will be receiving an updated premium?


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