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4Q GDP revised upwards

By MisterLearnToCode following x   2018 Mar 28, 10:21am 612 views   1 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

Remember back when we were "recovering" from the Financial Crisis? They'd release job numbers and GDP estimates, only to quietly revise them downward after the fact?

Well that was the weak Neoliberal Obama Recovery.

In the Trump Economy, when more information comes in, the GDP numbers get revised upward. This is the third and final analysis of the numbers with the most complete information:

Final reading on US Q4 GDP is up 2.9%, vs 2.7% growth expected

The biggest gain in consumer spending in 3 years. The American, not Americant, Economy.
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it's sooooo good, Goran and family are planning an EXTRA vacation this year. Goran clan usually takes 3 a year, but we'll be doing 4 this year.

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