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Finding cheap housing in San Francisco by modeling Craigslist data

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The general assumption is that finding housing in San Francisco is difficult, time-consuming, and overall EXPENSIVE. Those points are all true but there are definitely strategies to find cheaper housing without resorting to either settling for a half-living room with two roommates plus live-in boyfriends .

My personal opinion is that San Francisco housing prices are generally overblown because of articles reporting figures of 3K+ median rent while another site will display scary map pictures like the one below of average one-bedroom prices per neighborhood.

And the prices here aren’t inaccurate, they’re just depicting SF’s housing prices inaccurately by only showing one-bedroom apartments. One-bedroom apartments in San Francisco are especially expensive because space is expensive in SF and one-bedrooms take up a lot of space on a per person basis. Indeed if we only look at one bedroom apartment prices as a metric for overall SF pricing, the city looks alarmingly expensive.
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They are definitely overblown and over-reported, satisfying the Realtard agendas. However another problem is credit, landlords usually rent out their places to those with the best credit/income/net assets history, and if you don't have that you won't get the cheaper priced ones but have to settle for an overpriced shack. You can get one bedrooms and large studios below $2000 easily in better neighborhoods such as Outer Sunset or Outer Richmond, 2 bedrooms for $3500 and below etc.
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mell says
2 bedrooms for $3500

JFC that’s my mortgage on a five bedroom with a pool!
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Quigley says
mell says
2 bedrooms for $3500

JFC that’s my mortgage on a five bedroom with a pool!

Yeah they are not lying when they say it's expensive but they inflate prices regularly by 25%-50%.

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