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California lawmakers killed one of the biggest housing bills in the country

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In response to all of those concerns, Wiener narrowed the legislation. He reduced allowable height increases to five stories from eight. He also took away the height increases planned near frequently traveled bus routes. And he added measures, such as mandating that developers set aside a portion of their projects for low-income residents, in an effort to allow people of varying incomes to benefit from the new housing.

Those efforts weren't enough to sway his colleagues, particularly fellow Democrats. Democratic lawmakers from Riverside, Marin, Napa and coastal Los Angeles were worried about the loss of local power to regulate development.

What it comes down to is that all the local NIMBY municipalities screamed bloody murder at the idea that they could be overruled in their attempts to keep house prices sky-high.
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And you are surprised?

For the pols in the state legislature, they really don't worry about loss of power in the local governments. It's not their power and they have a history of stripping it away from the city councils and county boards of supervisors whenever they want to, after all. I mean, they stripped from them the ability to tax property which is a major cause of all this mess. I am sure it was a factor, but not the main reason.

I think we can look at who pays them campaign contributions to find out where the main pressure came from: Realtors, bankers and builders (well, some of them). And notice where the 'local resistance' comes from? Coastal areas.

I do think that worrying about being re-elected from the NIMBYs might be a factor, though.

I think this guy is doing the right thing, but I never figured it would make it out of Sacramento intact to be worth anything. And if it did, all the localities would do is cancel bus services (most homeowners don't use them, after all) so the 'near frequently traveled bus routes' trigger would never happen.

Something real like this would only pass via the initiative process. But then again, most people (SF notwithstanding) who show up to vote/mail in their absentee ballots are homeowners so...forget that, too.

This state is beyond Lefty. It is patently insane.

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