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Gay site: Market hatred by the left stymies housing affordability

By Patrick following x   2018 Apr 29, 7:17pm 1,439 views   9 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    


One of the greatest impediments to easing the housing affordability crisis in evermore-expensive both-coast cities like Washington is the dominance of marketplace-hating and regulation-loving attitudes among political and affluent elites.

These influential constituencies mistakenly believe that more development mandates and regulations will somehow ease the accelerating economic exile of both middle-class and lower-income residents.

Worse, it prompts an unseemly melding of free-market opposition and classic NIMBY-intervention intent on code-worded concepts such as neighborhood character, historic preservation and allowable density. ...

Treating developers like demons while imagining government as devil-slayers has become a popular political fantasy among left-leaning activists and political groups, and has regrettably become bible-and-verse for moderate-no-more Democrats.
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I have to finally ask. See, I used to lurk on patrick.net oh...I guess 8 or so years ago? Anyway, back then this was a flaming Left Wing site and any alternate views were suppressed pretty aggressively. I also remember you being more on the leftist side as well (though more 'libertarian'). Don't even get me started on iwog.

Now, its 2018 and this site is nothing like it was back then. So I was wondering? Is it just me or...what gives? What changed? Did you get 'mugged by reality' as the phrase goes?

Just curious.
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Yes, "mugged by reality" would be a pretty good description. This is not exactly my story, but it's not all that far off:


People need to respect each others’ views and have an actual dialogue instead of insulting each other and calling each other a terrorist or a racist because you don’t agree.
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For me I realized the Left was just, I hate this word but there's no other, Degenerate and just into being a big Downer.

Can't Can't Can't. Can't fix this, Can't change that, Working Class Whites Last, Immigrants First. You Just have to accept it.

It wasn't interested in reforming Unfair Trade, or regulating Banks, or fighting against censorship. It was only interested in controlling opinion and maintaining the economic status quo.

To get back to the 50s/60s Golden Age of modest regulation, vibrant speech, and high achievement, only Nationalism can pull it off. Socialism has degenerated into Anti-Western, Anti-White, Anti-Male fascism.
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Patrick says
This is not exactly my story, but it's not all that far off

Holy crap! I am sorry to hear that.

Anyhow, the full 'joke' (which isn't a joke, really) is: "A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality. A libertarian is a conservative who has been arrested."

It IS funny...but only because it is so damn true.
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WarrenTheApe says
A libertarian is a conservative who has been arrested."

I just hope Trump turns libertarian with the all out assault/attempted coup by the deep state. This country needs reform-criminals need to go to jail, but victimless crime needs to be decriminalized.
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I haven't been lurking (been avoiding Ta Interwebs when I can), but haven't been here since 2012. I'll be the first to admit I was probably a contributing factor to anyone thinking this site was Leftist, but that's because I was raised by wolves and I'm so far right, I sound left.
To think the Left doesn't do anything practical to fight economic problems is as bad as saying the Right are a bunch of money-grubbing CEOs. The best farmers coming on line these days are the city-raised, left-wing kids who realize they want to do something real with their hands and are tired of the uselessness of civilization, so they put in the time (after getting a degree in underwater basket weaving) on CSA farms or market gardening and then start actually diversifying agriculture by growing the food that is GMO free, etc., instead of just complaining about it, with a fair representation of women for once.
Most of the generational farm kids have gone off to business schools (re: football scholarships) and come back to farms for herding Latinos and thousands of milk cows in a pit, and couldn't grow a carrot to save their ass (but they can sure steal one with all of their guns). The "country life" has become a lot of white-ish collar workers who put up McMansions on 40 acres of dirt bikes, ponds and jetskis and who are terrified of losing their guns (just like the other 200 million minuteman wannabes who drive comically oversized tanks).

These are the assessments of someone who grew up on farms, worked the organics and loves anything that goes vroom or bang! and food that doesn't taste like cardboard.
The political deficiency is that the Left lacks useful, working candidates with calluses and the Right does too. Maybe because anyone that tries to do anything actually useful in this country gets arrested (see Joel Salatin's "Everything I want to do is Illegal"), injured or just tired of the crap.
The other political problem is scientific: the more the internet disseminates the facts of world history, the more our selfish, patriarchal systems full of good-ole-boys look like a systemic pile of assholes. It's just the daylight shining on bullies, not the liberal arts coming to get your guns.
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Totally agree 100% I have pondered the exact same thing.
No sane person would consider the housing situation a normal thing. Funny there was no shortage until Obama "Fixed" the economy.

If you were to Google Earth you would see there's plenty of land, but developing it would crash their precious house prices.
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Feux Follets says
Cars etc. that required you to purchase another one every 3-4 years because of shitty quality ?
People traded cars every 3-4 years because they were so affordable, 36 months the usual term of payments. The GM cars of the 1960's were the best engineered and styled cars of the 20th century. If someone kept those cars and serviced them on the every 3,000 mile schedules for that time, they could have been driven 200K miles like today's cars. Also, cars of that era actually got better every year. A 1960 Oldsmobile 98 had a high powered 394 that could pass anything on the road. Ten years later that same 98 had a 370 horsepower 455 and the price had increased 13% in a decade. In 1980, the 98 had a weak-sister 307 with 145 horsepower that had increased 113% in price during the decade and 60 month financing was the norm.
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Feux Follets says
The 50/60 s were a "Golden Age" ? How did I miss that growing up ?

You mean the time that a guy could support a family of 4 in a modest home, and receive a pension and a gold watch after a few decades of work at the factory? And didn't need a 4-year degree, either.

In 1940, there were something like 16 injuries per 100 workers. By 1958 it was 6.5 per 100. Huge gains in every aspect of society. And back then, jobs were physically more dangerous. You're not going to get your hand caught in an LCD Monitor.

It was the greatest expansion of living standards in the history of the world, bar none. From Tenements to Levittowns. Your dismissal of it I find to be bizarre.

And then the Downer Left undermined every aspect of the society. I enjoyed watching the Free Speecher undergrads of the late 60s become the PC Police of today.

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